Asheville, NC

Almost done recapping our roadtrip!
After spending time in Oviedo with Bill’s parents, we headed north to North Carolina. The trees were just beginning to change from yellow to red. It was f-ing beautiful. Outside of Asheville lives our friend Bob. He and his honey stay on the land at Celo Intentional Community. It’s been going strong for something like 60 years, a hippie community before there were hippies. Of course that means they have a lot of meetings. In fact, one of the roads in the village was called Meeting House Road. Sigh. But the land is lovely, lovely. Bob lives in a round, hand-made house constructed out of cord wood and plaster. It has a very homey, warm feeling. Glad the woodstove churned out the heat because we did get some snow flurries. Bob took us for a tour of the farms, the best was a greenhouse warmed by the manure of the chicken house. We also toured a nearby goat cheese farm–I need some goats pronto!

2 responses to “Asheville, NC

  1. Isn’t Celo awesome? Hard to believe it was started by the first head of the TVA!:

    “Probably the oldest and most successful land trust in America, Celo Community was founded by Arthur E. Morgan in 1937. Arthur Morgan was the world’s leading flood control engineer, former President of Antioch College, first chairman of the TVA, and author of twenty books on a variety of subjects.”

    Oh, and it’s “Asheville,” like the name, not “Ashville” like the burnt wood 😉

  2. You were right nearby! (I’m about 4 hours from Asheville.)

    I do have one correction… Celo may have a lot of talking meetings, but Meetinghouse Road is named for a place of silent meetings: the Quaker Meetinghouse. Celo was, after all, founded by members of the Society of Friends. (Arthur Morgan was what you call a “convinced Friend.” I love Quaker terminology.)

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