Grape stumps

So anyway, we made it back to California, had a hot dog for Thanksgiving, drove through the Central Valley, and spotted these bulldozed up grape vines. Bill pulled over and we gathered as many as we could to stuff into our trunk. Happy days being back in California, reunited with my farm animals, and the garden–and now the dream of eating grape vine smoked pork!
A lot of people ask–what did you learn on your roadtrip? I had hoped to see lots of inspiring urban farms and gardens, but what I saw were really great people starting urban farming projects. I feel like we’re on the cusp of a new way of living. That soon it will be entirely unextraordinary to have backyard chickens and bees. That more collectives will come together and raise meat animals together. That this will all be done under the radar and by backyard tinkers and dreamers.
I also figured out (duh) that every region in the U.S. has a unique food culture. Coming from California, I always assume everyone wants to eat a just picked salad. But that’s just our way of eating, and trying to put that food culture somewhere like Texas or New Orleans just doesn’t make any sense. I’m convinced that every region in the States has a food culture, it might just be buried, and someone will eventually dig it up and celebrate their regional food stuffs.
In June, Bill and I are headed up the west coast to check out the scene there. I’m hoping to see Jim Fullmer’s biodynamic farm, Heather Flores urban garden in Eugene, the egg collective in Portland, Nat’s digs–if you have any other ideas, let me know!
P.S. I wrote an article that appeared in SFGate yesterday, about a yoga couple and their money issues. It’s light and sweet–like holiday candy!

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