Helping hands

Happy New Year!
You know, 2007 wasn’t too bad. It was probably the best year on the farm, in terms of animals. We raised and butchered two pigs. We bred, raised, and harvested about 10 rabbits. We put a few roosters in the freezer, and raised some great Bourbon Red heritage turkeys. I subsisted entirely off the farm for the month of July! I also met some amazing people who were very encouraging about the farm and the farm animals: Amy S and Chris C, Max and Nina, Sasha, Julio, Chris L and Samin, Christine, Laura K, Jim M, and Marg. In terms of bloggers, thank you Riana for inspiring me to set up my own blog. And yay to bloggers like Nat, Rebecca, Duane, Derek, and Gordy. Thanks to all of you and let’s inspire each other to do even more in ’08.
The photo is of Ruby Kessler Seiwerath pulling popcorn off the cob. Thank god for child labor….

4 responses to “Helping hands

  1. Riana Lagarde

    so funny, we all blogged about corn on new years!!!

    ruby is so big now, hope that you are all having a nice visit.

    happy new year!

  2. Yay for farms, and yay for blogs…

    (And yay for corn too.)

    We’re making plans to spend maybe a month or so in the Bay Area sometime in the coming year (my very cool grandfather is going to be 93 — best to spend some time with him soon). I’d love to come by and see your setup when we’re out there… though I’m not sure yet when it’ll be.

  3. Novella Carpenter

    yes, yes, come visit rebecca! i’ll be around all year except for some of february and most of june/july. let me know when you’re around!
    riana: ruby is like an adult. it’s really funny to hear her talking and spinning out funny stories.

  4. Novella–I LOVED hanging out with you and I love your farm, too!

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