Farm report

Sorry for my absence as of late. Here’s the quick farm report:
The turkeys are very big and happy. I can’t wait til they start breeding. I’ve made a special big nest for Edith when she’s ready to lay eggs.
The little chickens just started laying! One, a Maran, lays eggs with dark chocolate colored shells. I read that E.B. White used to put the first egg of spring on his mantle–he was obsessed with eggs. I might just do the same. Our housemate Noesuke is going to build them some special nesting boxes. Watch for photos soon.
The rabbits are very happy and getting plump. Riana sent me a pair of shears from France–heirloom tools from my niece’s great grandmother!
The cover crops are coming in–peas, fava beans. There’s a ton of lettuce that will be ready soon. We’re eating peas and greens everyday. I need some wood chips, bad, to mulch the pathways of the garden. Glad it’s tree trimming season.
The bees are cold! I hope they’re okay, but I’ve noticed they go out during the day and collect white pollen.
The biggest news: we might be getting a dwarf milker soon. Marg and I are going to build them a shelter–we’ve been doing research on three-sided goat sheds. We’ll use the metal shed to milk her. I’ll keep you posted.
Oh, and here’s an article I wrote for

8 responses to “Farm report

  1. peas already? exciting!

  2. just read your article–you’re hilarious! love the floss.

  3. You’re a fantastic farmer–I tried peas, but the gopher kept pulling them down…and the one pea plant that I’ve got struggling in a pot–well, it’s struggling! But I take comfort that somewhere in the world, in your farm, peas are thriving!

    I’m going to go check out your story now.

  4. So happy to find your blog, read your articles and be inspired. I need some help with my chickens, i.e., I need to butcher three of them, and I have no experience. Can you advise me? I promise I am not from the City of Oakland, just another urban farmer, struggling to learn some skills.
    I also have peas doing well, but not climbing the trellis I built for them, but sprawling all over the place. Why??
    I have many more questions than answers. Ain’t the rain great?

  5. I’m so happy you mentioned I was struggling with some “Thank you” gift ideas and there the answer was in front of my face. Great article.

  6. Oops, that comment was for the other great article for edible sf!

    I was offended big time by the CFP’s comment about Sandra being a lost cause financially. In this day and age with the internet for info and new ways to earn money, he obviously has a box mentality.

  7. Novella Carpenter

    yes, peas in various states. some harvesting, some with only flowers, some just coming up.
    peas are like little old ladies when trying to get them to climb up the trellis. my friend willow taught me this trick: next to where the peas will sprout, dangle a piece of string connected to the trellis. the young peas will climb up the string, and then onto the trellis. and/or, further secure them by strapping them up with some twine running perpendicular to the trellis. peas need a lot of support.
    moonbear: why are you butchering your chickens?
    frau: i don’t know, it did seem like sandra wasn’t in a rut and it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

  8. I heard a farmer has a chicken laying green eggs…for real. I do not remember where it was though.

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