Goats in the house

The goats are here! The goats are here!
I spent all day yesterday in Lake and Mendocino county picking up and learning about Bebe (left) and Bilbo (right). They are Nigerian Dwarf goats and stand 23 inches from the shoulder. Both of them fit in the back of the station wagon with no problem. I went to Ukiah and got all their diet needs (and a cowgirl shirt for moi) at a groovy farm store. Bebe is pregnant, and will be kidding in a month. Bilbo is her wether buddy, so Bebe will transition better into our new place. She’s very shy, but so cute with her pale blond face. The chickens seem to be looking at the goats and thinking, now that’s a big chicken.

9 responses to “Goats in the house

  1. Too cute! I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby goat!

  2. I want to come over and give both you and the goats a hug!

  3. so cute!

  4. Sorry to bring DEATH into this moment of serenity, but are you going to eat Bilbo once the kids come out?

    And finally… How much did you pay for a pregnant goat?!

  5. Goat meat is delicious, but I am hoping that Bilbo’s job is to be a friend to Bebe.

    Sometimes I think I could go for a “wether” as a companion for myself…

  6. Novella Carpenter

    becca: they are going to be so adorable.
    christine: come on over!
    samin: goat proscuitto?
    nat: i’m in love with bilbo and couldn’t kill him. he survived a bear attack! but he’ll probably go back to the farm in lake county once bebe gives birth.
    sandra: i heart birria and he’s a good friend.

  7. Riana Lagarde

    so adorable! i love that she has a birthing partner with her.

  8. Novella Carpenter

    oh and nat–they were $300 total, about average for a pregnant milk goat, though i saw some for $500-1000, so they can be very expensive.

  9. Oh I am so coming over. 🙂

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