Steaming pile of…


I returned home from a quick trip to New York to a boggy soggy Oakland garden. So when the Ponderosa Tree Company called last night and asked if I wanted a free 5 cubic yard load of mulch, I agreed, though I have a million other things to do. This morning the truck showed up, backed in between the gates, and dropped the load.

Mulch is defined as any organic substance that keeps weeds down and eventually breaks down into soil. It can be straw, wood chips, nut shells, coffee grounds. This stuff is California bay laurel and pine. It smells amazing, kind of what I hope a native American sweat lodge smells like. Note that the pile is steaming because it’s decomposing!

The only hitch is, the guy couldn’t back the truck all the way into the lot so about half of the load is um, on the sidewalk and the street. Sorry neighbors!! So really what you are looking at is my personal mulch trainer–I’m going to get buff moving this wonderous substance. Why I am telling you about this? I really needed a break. Ok, ok, back to the mulch pile….

4 responses to “Steaming pile of…

  1. I love this view of “the lot”. I always think that those grassy places in front of used car lots should be used to grow veggies, and the waste places could graze goats.

    I live on 20 acres in the middle of national forest and espouse that everyone, no matter where they are or what circumstances they find themselves in, should grow some if not most of their own food. But because I live large (so to speak) it is hard for people who live smaller to take me seriously I think. Anyway, nice to see ya.

  2. Novella Carpenter

    i checked you out–nice woodchopping!
    i’ve been reading books about victory gardens and it was amazing what people did with small pieces of “slacker” land.

  3. holy mulch! thats a lot of work. work party? sidewalk clearing party? your plants are going to be happy!

  4. I came here from the SF Chron’s article this morning, and I’m really enjoying your posts. Good job! Very inspiring. Do you have any victory garden book(s) you recommend? I have 3 raised beds, and I want to maximize their potential.

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