Bees or Fruit?

This upcoming Saturday has me tortured. There’s the Rare Fruit Growers event about all the weird-ass fruit you can grow around here AND a Bee Symposium in Santa Rosa with the creme de la creme of the sustainable bee-keeping world: Randy Oliver, Eric Mussen, Serge Labesque, bee movies, “bee art”, and more.
Here’s their blurb: “In this time of global ecological challenges, the honeybee is an indicator species reflecting the enormous changes taking place in our world. Bee populations are dying and pollination ecology is deeply effected. As beekeepers, we must become stewards of the earth and change paradigms. This one-day symposium offers information and speakers with new perspectives on honeybees and native pollinators, beekeeping practices, innovative approches and ecological strategies for beekeepers.”
The fruiters are meeting at 1-4; but the bee symposium goes from 9-6! Like a smart couple, Bill said he would go to the fruit, and I’ll go to the bee thing. Divide and conquer, baby.
I’ll let you know everything I learn at both events, assuming Bill takes good notes and my car makes in to Santa Rosa.
If anyone wants to go to either, here’s the info:
Bee Symposium 2008
Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm
655 Willowside Road, Santa Rosa, CA
March 8; 9-6
$30 at door
by phone 707/824-2905
lunch for purchase on-site


CRFG: Unusual Edibles in the Bay Area
El Sobrante Branch Library, 4191 Appian Way, El Sobrante, CA
March 8; 1-4pm
“Not only is the climate different in different Bay Area counties, but even within a given town there are microclimates. Our members will talk about what’s growing for them and what’s not. What usually works but hasn’t in this wacky climate change year…”

**photo of my beehive courtesy Julie Johnson and the JSchool**

10 responses to “Bees or Fruit?

  1. Megan Lynch

    Wow, that must really suck for one of our members who is a beekeeper. And I wasn’t too thrilled to find out the Artisan Cheese Festival is this weekend, too. I’d like to learn how to make cheese! *Do* say hi if you happen to make it to the CRFG meeting.

  2. Paul Ferguson

    I know! Too much stuff happening this weekend. I wanted to check out the rare fruit gardeners meeting but i’m going to green gulch farms instead. They have an intro to beekeeping class from 9am-3pm,78,91&pageid=272

  3. Megan Lynch

    Well, if you want to enter it in your calendars early, our next meeting is May 10. 🙂 You can subscribe to the Bay Area Gardening Events group on to see. I will post all public Golden Gate chapter events there.

  4. Riana Lagarde

    i would be the cheese festival in a heartbeat! send me some cheddar cultures and enzymes please!!!

    all we are doing saturday is replacing our fridge with a new to us one, good times hauling weight up and down the stairs.

    you are so lucky to live in a foodie hot spot, i tell ya.

  5. did you make it to either one or were you too ill? i think singeli went to the bee one.

  6. Novella Carpenter

    too ill! alas, i didn’t make it to either one. i have this horrible fever flu and can barely get out of bed…boo hoo

  7. Randy Oliver is also conducting a class on March 30 hosted by the Alameda County Beekeepers Club from8:30am until 4:00pm at the
    Encinal Yacht Club, located at 1251 Pacific Marina, Alameda, CA 94501. Class is by reservation only and reservations close on March 15th. Cost varies ($35-45)

    Email for details by 3/15

  8. I hope y’all are feeling better. I took the audio I recorded with my iPod and added images to it with iMovie. It’s up on Google Video. It doesn’t cover the whole meeting time yet. (It took me two days to make the iMovie and that’s just covering 15 minutes of the meeting!)

    I hope to put the rest up soon.

  9. OT, sorry………

    A few of us who live in the city of Chicago are trying to grow heirloom vegetables on our rooftops in cheap homemade earthboxes. It sounds more than a little preposterous to suggest that what we’re doing is a real solution, but it might be a tiny piece. We think they’re a great way to build connections in a fragmented social/political landscape.

    Not selling anything, I’m giving “it” away.

    Here’s the , along side the pics is a little how-to guide with plenty of links.

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