Flu frustrations

I got it. The dreaded flu: fever, cough, muscle aches. Here it is spring and I have hay to move, mulch to spread, crops to plant, hooves to trim, stalls to muck out, a milking stanchion to build (goat kids are due March 30!) and all I can manage is to watch my farm from out my window. So frustrating.
I also missed the bee symposium and the California rare fruit growers meeting this past weekend. Lucky for me, my rare fruit growing angel sent me a link to a video of the meeting!! Thank you Spidra!

The other thing I’ve been able to do is order goat supplies. I found a great website, Hoegger’s, where I ordered, from the comfort of my sickbed, all manner of goat-related items. Goats are prone to various kinds of worms, so I bought a natural de-wormer, made with Worm Wood, Gentian, Fennel, Psyllium, & Quassia. They also had buckets of goat minerals—calcium, phosphorus, salt and magnesium, selenium, and vitamin E. I picked up a kid bottle and some colostrum in case Bebe has a million babies. Finally, I got a bag of kelp in bulk—I’ve noticed the goats love wakame, but at $5 a bag, it was breaking me, so this should do the trick. In other goat care madness, I made them their first batch of sauerkraut. My goater friend Jim tells me goats love the stuff—it’s full of B vitamins—we’ll see how Bilbo and Bebe feel about it, they don’t seem like terribly adventurous eaters.

P.S. Here’s an article I wrote for SFGate about a foodie who doesn’t have much money, yet manages to eat well by growing her own, dumpster diving, and buying wisely.

9 responses to “Flu frustrations

  1. i think maybe you should take some of that goat medicine–it sounds like it might help you feel better.

    i hope you feel better soon. do you want me to bring you some soup?

  2. 91 comments on the SFGate site – you’re a legend!

    What’s the deal with capital-D Dumpster?

  3. Novella Carpenter

    i know, i must have a selenium defiency. i’m *almost* better, but billy the tin man is still sick. boo! what are you doing tomorrow? i’m working at the oasis at 1:30, if you want to get tea before?
    nat: dude! Dumpster should indeed be capitalized, it’s a damn company product like Q-Tips and Band-aids. yuck.

  4. Riana Lagarde

    feel better soon, maybe some chicken feet soup for billy the tin man?

  5. i have to work today, mama, but if you come by we can have a bite around noon.

  6. I hope you feel better soon! That flu is killer.

  7. $5 for a bag of wakame?

    Fortunately, the east bay is a day-trip away from our local sea vegetable patch. I’ll be heading out in June to harvest; come along for the sake of your goats, or the sake of your own soups.

  8. btw–you do not live very far at all from the local Korean market. seaweed there should be a LOT cheaper than $5. i think. or at least, the $5 will take you farther.

  9. duane marcus <a href="http://www.facebook.com/people/Duane_Marcus/541048543">Facebook me!</a>

    Great article. We should all learn from your friend Jane about how to prioritize our lives.

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