The birth of two beautiful baby girl (pretty sure) goats, today around 4pm. They don’t have names yet, but since they were born on St. Patty’s day, I think they need Irish names. Please send suggestions. More info about the birth–and photos–to come.

8 responses to “Announcing

  1. Congratulations! They *are* cute.

    You could name one Constance and one Georgine after the Countess Markiewicz, an important figure in the Irish independence struggle.

  2. These goats are the cutest goats ever. I suggest Nuala as the name for one of them, short for Fionnuala. I had a friend named Nuala once and she was really nice.

  3. Colleen!

  4. OMG CUTE! I was reading a a blog post about a sheep that was just born the other day and I thought of you and your goats when I read it, “Hrm…I wonder if Novellas baby goats!” Does that mean Bilbo is going to leave soon?

  5. How are you feeding your goats? The parents, that is. And how penned are they? I’m trying to figure out the logistics of getting some goats on my lot here.

  6. Emer is an Irish girl’s name that means twin!

    Aoife (pron. ee-fa) means beauty or joy. Ciara means brown.

    More cute names here:

  7. Novella Carpenter

    hello all; thanks for the suggestions, i’m mulling them over….
    christine: after weaning (10 weeks) i’m giving the former owner of bebe one of the girls and keeping another. so when i bring her up there, i’ll bring bilbo too. why–are you in love with him?
    nat: oh man, they eat so much stuff, it’s a lot of work and more difficult than pigs. basically they need hay all the time for their rumens so that involves sourcing organic, high quality bales. then they like cob, which is whole rolled corn, oats, barley, sunflower seeds, sometimes beet pulp. then there’s pellets which they like to snack on. then there’s trying to find branches and leaves that aren’t poisonous. they certainly aren’t pigs.

  8. I lurrrv Bilbo! I am sort of in love with him, I think. 🙂

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