Birth story

I woke up at dawn to the turkey gobbling. This is fairly normal. He gobbles like a rooster crows—in the morning and throughout the day. It’s driving us crazy. But he was gobbling over and over again, a danger gobble! So I ran downstairs and Bebe came running up to me, bleating and looking at me with distress. Tail up. That’s always a sign of pending birth. But I thought it wouldn’t be for another two weeks! Luckily, I’m obsessive, so I had all the supplies—the iodine, the petroleum jelly, gloves, towels, bottles, colostrum, beet pulp and oats—ready to go.

I gave Bebe her favorite snacks of jade plant, Heart to Heart flakes, and apple, then went back to bed. I had a dream that she had four tiny babies and one of them was a cow.
A few hours later not much had happened—I went to a meeting–but Bebe was still bleating every five minutes or so. I didn’t see her dialated or anything. So I went out to do some errands. Got a new tire for the truck, bought some plants and seeds. When I arrived home I went directly to the backyard, and saw a streak of gold and white.

Two adorable babies! Still wet, and covered with goo. Bebe had the afterbirth hanging out her backside. She was patiently licking her kids clean, and making wonderful deep bleating noises, which they would answer with high-pitched calls.
After a bit of staring and feeling tremendously good, I crawled into the pen and helped Bebe out a bit—washing off their faces, and dipped their umbilical cords with 7% iodine solution (to prevent infection). When I picked them up, they cried like babies!

Bebe gave me some licks, then she ate the placentas. How funny it is to observe an herbivore eating something so bloody. It seemed like a chore. I gave her some beet pulp and oats warmed up with water, and she drank a ton of water. She’s had several other kids, so this just seemed like another day in Bebe’s life.
The goatlings are adorable, playing with each other, sleeping, and when you lie on the ground near them they come running toward you. So cute!
For those of you wondering, Bilbo seems bored by it, and a little left out, like Eoyore.

5 responses to “Birth story

  1. Congratulations one and all. My goodness, those are the cutest babies I’ve seen all year. Cuter than puppies, dang it all.
    How I wish I had a little goat!
    You are a fabulous urban farmer. Loved the birth story.

  2. Riana Lagarde

    congratulations! twins!! this is such fabulous news. They are the cutest things ever. You were the perfect midwife and moonbear is right, you are a fabulous urban farmer

  3. sheesh! now i want to see the kids!!!! how very very exciting–congratulations to you and to bebe.

    what are the kids’ names?

  4. Animal farm birth stories are so much more fun than the majority human birth stories! (I’m a friend of Riana’s in Paris, orignally from SF). Have been reading for a short time, and think ALL of it is amazing!

  5. Yeah – seriously! You are a great midwife! I, too, find it fascinating that this plant eater ate the placenta. Nature is so darn cool.

    (Another friend of Riana’s in France!)

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