Farm slideshow

Hi, just a quick note that I’m giving a talk at the Ecology Center in Berkeley tomorrow (Saturday) at 7pm. It’s a fundraiser for City Slicker Farms. Despite fear of vegetarian backlash, I’m bringing slides of my meat projects at the farm. Any locals out there, I’d love to meet you in person!! Here’s the blurb (I’m not mentioned, but I’ll be speaking after Nathan):

Ferment Change! A Benefit for West Oakland’s City Slicker Farms
Come join us for a fermented food feast and celebration of Urban Agriculture to Benefit West Oakland’s City Slicker Farms “growing fresh and affordable produce for West Oakland”. There will be a presentation on the work of City Slicker Farms by founder Willow Roesenthal, a slide show of international urban agricultural by UCB lecturer Nathan McClintock, live music by Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment, and a live ferment workshop. Bring a fermented food and get entered in a drawing to win Homebrew, Sauerkraut, Plant Starts, and Gift Certificates to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market.
Time: 7pm – 10pm.
Location: Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave, near Dwight Way, Berkeley.
Cost: A donation of $10-30 sliding scale is requested, no one turned away due to lack of funds..
Info: 510-548-2220 x233,

3 responses to “Farm slideshow

  1. You should be very proud of your meat projects! You’ve shown that you give your animals a great deal of love and care before you eat them.

    I would choose to be an animal on your farm, even knowing that I would be eaten someday. I know that I would be treated better than some people treat their own children.

    Not eating meat doesn’t mean a thing. Almost every living thing exists by consuming things that were once alive. I think vegetarians are just silly people who live in a fantasy land and want to think that they are better then everyone else.

  2. Novella Carpenter

    miltonics: that is the best compliment ever! thanks!

  3. Wow, sounds like a great night. I wish I could have been there. Congrats on the kids, and keep those pictures coming!

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