Turkey pot pie

Let’s get this out of the way first:

The cutest goats ever. I started milking Bebe, too, just to get her used to my human hands. Those babies are getting some yummy, creamy, sweet-tasting milk! Lucky little devils.

Now then, onto pot pies. Bill has a joke from some dumb movie where he says, “woman, make me a pot pie.” For Easter, instead of clobbering him like I usually do, I actually made one. First I followed the dough recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall’s opus: Meat. His was for a kidney pie, but the crust–made with my piggies’ lard and a touch of butter–was thick enough to pour in liquid without fear.

Then I chopped onions, picked celery (!) and herbs from the garden, and threw them together with the turkey stock and meaty bits. Hugh told me to add a decoration on the crust, so I crafted a very jankity nest with two eggs–see them in the corner there? Then I sealed her up, baked for an hour, and there you have it: turkey pot pie.

4 responses to “Turkey pot pie

  1. …I’m wondering if that was an Archie pot pie….

  2. The ‘make me a pot pie’ quote is from The Breakfast Club, if memory serves. The wrong-side-of-the-tracks character played by Judd Nelson is talking about his home life, and compares what ya hear in his house to what you’d hear in the geek boy’s house.

    But I digress.

    Those goats are CUTE!!

    And the Archie Pot Pie sounds faboo. Verily, my cats are drooling.

  3. Novella Carpenter

    sfgirl: oh yeah, that’s archie all the way. check out that dark meat! it’s really dark.

  4. Riana Lagarde

    yummmers leaf lard pot pies! i add a cream sauce in mine too, but yours smells so good all the way from here.

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