Goat update

For those of you who can’t snuggle up to the little goaty ones, here’s a photo that attempts to get close enough that you can. almost smell their heads (grassy with a touch of milk).

The whole family loves our back stairs. I realized we have a pretty good set-up because the goats get their exercise running up and down the stairs all day. And lately the little ones set up camp in a secret spot between the roof and the back porch. It’s the perfect nook that probably appeals to their cave-dwelling instincts.

A goatlings day involves drinking from Bebe, playing, eating a little bit of grass, taking a nap, peeing, eating, then making tiny yellowish orange turds, then more napping. At night they sleep in a straw-lined caged run with Bebe and Bilbo.

This chicken wants to know why she isn’t getting as much attention. So many reasons.

4 responses to “Goat update

  1. Thank you for the pics! I can’t resist asking: How will you decide which kid to keep, and which one goes home with Bilbo?

  2. Riana Lagarde

    sandra, me too, i want to know.

    thanks for the photos, you need to print some out for your wallet too! lol.

    i must say i have baby goat envy!

  3. Novella Carpenter

    hey you two; welp, i think one of them is polled, meaning she doesn’t have horns (georgina, the red one) so i agreed to give that one to the breeder of bebe. kind of a tithing thing. so that means orla stays with us. it would be a tough choice–or i’d keep both–if the polled thing didn’t come up.

  4. I love the pic of the chicken and the goats. How cute!



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