Bill and Novella’s Farm

Even though Billy sometimes doesn’t know what’s growing in our vegetable beds at all times, he’s very likely to correct you if you call this place Novella’s Farm or Novella’s Garden. “That’s *Bill* and Novella’s Farm,” he’ll say. And he’s right. I couldn’t do half the things I do without him.
It was with a big heart and much joy that we celebrated our 11th anniversary by riding our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge. Yup, two Oakland hicks tackling the Big City. Of course, like everything we do, there were some disasters. Like when we tried to ride our bikes on the highway. Enough cars honked and yelled that we figured out we were total dumb-asses. Bicyclists should really ride through the Presidio, or snake along Chrissy Field and get to the entrance of the bridge that way.

The bridge is a dream of red and blue. How can it be so perfect?

We took a ferry back to SF from Sausalito then another ferry to Oakland. It was nice to get a break from the farm, my farm hand partner at my side.

4 responses to “Bill and Novella’s Farm

  1. Bernal Sphere

    Aww, happy anniversary, Bill and Novella! Two of the smartest dumb-asses I know. *Love!* Traci

  2. Riana Lagarde

    happy anniversary!! i’ll paint you guys a sign that says *BILL* and Novella’s Farm, lol.

    love the shot from the bridge

  3. Love lives on…great tribute! Happiness always, Michelle

  4. C(h)ristine

    Happy Anniversary!

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