Swing on by: Friday


The farm gate will be open on Friday, from 3-6pm. Stop on by! I’m hoping to see some of the folks from the conference and make some new friends, and see some old pals.

The farm is at 28th street and MLK in Oakland. Look for the bright mural on the abandoned building–the farm is behind the green fence on the corner. I’ll be weeding in the garden.

2 responses to “Swing on by: Friday

  1. Hi – I’ve been following you intermittently, and now I’m wondering – what happened to the poor bees from last year (2007?) I mean I know they are gone. Did you get more bees? Did your fruit trees get pollinated anyway? because we had plenty of fruit set here in East Oakland (near Original Farmer Joe’s) and I’ve certainly seen bees around. Please give us the bee report. I looked on your bee tag and didn’t get the story.

  2. PS I’m bummed I missed your open house. My dear friend in Trestle Glen says she wants to raise goats so I told her about you. We want to come visit your next open house.

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