Urban farm tour

I’m feeling frantic with the “end of the summer”. I want to have a tour and do a seed swap (newly inspired by Heather Flores and her event last night for slowfood). I’m thinking late September. Who’s into it? Which Saturday?
Also, I heard CUESA is putting on an urban farm tour! September 12. They’re going to Alemany and a farm in East Palo Alto. Here’s the ticket info.

9 responses to “Urban farm tour

  1. Novella! I’d be happy to bring seeds.

  2. what are you doing tomorrow (sunday)? do you want me to sneak you into sfn?

  3. Hey Novella – I’d love to at least send you some seeds for these amazing tomatoes I got from my hubby’s grandma in PA. I think their heirlooms as she’s been growing them for a long time and got them from someone else. Not sure. Anyway, my plants are huge and the tomatoes are the best I’ve ever tasted. Nice and meaty and not too gooey/seedy.

  4. the 13th isn’t exactly late September, but it’s the one that works for me.

  5. hi guys…um, let’s try october instead. the madness. greg? christine? samin–we should have chris come over!
    daniela–oh yeah, save me some of that PA goodness. do you know how to do it? just squish out the seeds, let them rot for a few days then wash them off, and dry them. can’t wait!

  6. novella- is the rotting necessary? i’ve just been washing them as i go and drying them. but if rotting it takes, then rotting i will do. 🙂 except living in the desert, it’s kind of difficult to get things to rot without drying out first…

  7. Two of us would like to come and see your farm. We can offer you seeds that I can save from the harvest we are taking right now (eg. melons, pumpkins, amaranth, peppers). The tomatoes weren’t protected from cross-pollination, so you probably don’t want those. We planted our corn late, so it won’t be ready until end of Sept. or early Oct. The best Saturday for us would probably be Sept. 29, but we’re open to other dates. Thanks for opening your space to us.

  8. I would LOVE to come see your farm…I’m an Oakland native in the Rockridge and would love to see what’s possible…unfortunately I don’t have any seed to swap…can I still come? Any Saturday afternoon in October works for me…I was pointed to your site by Homegrown Evolution…Lisa

  9. I live (sort of) in the neighborhood and eagerly await your next farm tour. Any Saturday can work….Cara

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