Old lurking things

The end of summer makes me want to clean out my freezer. If you can believe it, we *still* have pork left from last year’s pigs. My friend Zach was in town so I roasted some in his honor. Even after a year in the deep freeze, it’s still delicious.

While I was rooting around the freezer to find the last pork shoulder, I found some crazy stuff. Two pigs feet, neatly wrapped. Pig kidneys (glad I labeled that!). Assorted goose parts. Two rabbits in Ziplock bags. Lots of chicken and turkey feet. An entire pork belly. A ham. A rack of pork loin. Since it’s been in there for a year, I really need to get that stuff cooked and eaten! So, for the next few posts, I’m going to have some, um, closure, with the meat in the freezer. I’m planning to make goose sausage, a rabbit and pork back fat terrine (from Jane Grigson), kidney pie, made some bacon (that crisp Fall wind is starting to blow here…)

And once the temps finally drop, I absolutely must take care of those many, many rabbit pelts. That will be quite unappetizing.

5 responses to “Old lurking things

  1. So was the pig-raising worth it?

  2. Novella Carpenter

    hi nat;
    no. well, maybe. but probably not. i’m researching dwarf porkers. that might work.
    what are you up to?

  3. I’m right there with you on the meat in the freezer problem. Summertime seems to conspire against meat consumption, despite ideal weather for grilling, through the back pressure of garden produce. Sometimes I feel like I’m eating veg as fast as I can, just trying to keep up. This fall, I’ll tackle that meat situation, while reminding myself that this is a “problem” lots of people would like to have.

  4. You raised pigs in that little space? What breed? What’s your setup? Maybe you’ve already written about this…

  5. our deep freeze sounds similar sans the rabbit pelts (which i would love to make slippers with). i found a few pigs feet and chicken feet; i feel a menudo coming soon to our house. we havent grocery shopped in 3 weeks and i thought we would make a dent in the deep freeze, but no, all those fresh vegetables keep getting our attention.

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