The old switcheroo

Ok, okay, I’m like a rat on the internet, scurrying here and there, nibbling on domain names, grabbing new wordpress blogs. But here’s the deal: I’m switching fully back to wordpress (thanks heather!) to the following: Until we’re booted off the squat lot (subprime meltdown willing), this is the name of the blog.

4 responses to “The old switcheroo

  1. I wish you would explain the name “ghosttownfarm”.

  2. veller, i lurved your piece today! absolutely amazing. when are you going to come visit us? i want to stir up some shit and need your advice….

  3. ghosttownfarm

    tree: ghosttown is my neighborhood in oakland. it runs along 980 and contains the streets 23rd-38th ish. so-called because of the abandoned buildings and empty lots, and the tumbleweaves. more on all of that later.
    samin: slammed girl, slammed. maybe this weekend, though?

  4. Thanks for shnirag. What a pleasure to read!

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