Farm Tour

Pant, pant. Lord, just saw the cover of my book, coming out in June. Purdy cute. But top secret.

So, how does October 19th work for you farm tour people? We’re going to do a honey extraction. High noon. Be here: 665 28th Street, at MLK and 28th. We’re the lot next door. We’ll do a tour then extract (weather willing). Bring seeds to swap if you’ve got a favorite. I’ve got some good Speckles lettuce…

Oh, and article in this week by moi.

2 responses to “Farm Tour

  1. I really, truly appreciated your article on SF Gate. It’s one thing for media to report crime and poverty data and declare how bad things are, but that doesn’t describe what’s happening to the Oakland citizens who are most affected by unemployment and severe economic downturns. Thank you for telling the story and giving M a forum for his voice.

  2. I look forward to meeting you at your farm tour!

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