Party Oct 30–Everyone invited

Where oh where can you find a $10 all you can drink beer happy hour? This Thursday, it’ll happen at Trumer Pils, in West Berkeley on 4th and Camelia at 5-10pm. Please drop by as it is a fundraiser for the Biofuel Oasis, a worker-owned biofuel business I’ve been involved with since 2004. We’re building an awesome retro gas station/urban farm supply store and need to raise some cash.

It’s threatening to be the party of the year because of the following:

Fried green tomatoes, goat tacos, and salsa made by chez panisse and eccolo chefs!

Brewery tours (it’s very Laverne and Shirley)

Burnt honey ice cream made before your eyes (and maybe by your butt) by a bicycle powered machine!

Slideshow featuring the biofuel oasis workers doing grunt labor and destroying things!

The finest of the fine 4th street regulars and supporters will be there. I hope you can make it, I’ll be there wearing a jumpsuit and fixing up the tacos.

Just to repeat:

Oct 30, Thursday 5-10pm

1404 4th Street, Trumer Pils

$10 gets you all you can drink beer; food is $5/plate

Children are welcome. Smoking outside. Schmoozing allowed.

One response to “Party Oct 30–Everyone invited

  1. Oh, how I wish I still lived in Berkeley!

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