Meat and Greet

There’s a meme going around, it’s called Meat and Greet. On January 10th, there’s a M and G at 2nd Street in Oakland for the latest incarnation of the Bay Area Meat CSA:

The following day, January 11, MeatPaper magazine is hosting a Meat and Greet at the Acme Chophouse to celebrate their latest issue of the meat-y magazine. (I have an article in the mag about meat powered cars.)

I’m curious to see how both these organizations will address the issue of eating meat on a budget, or ask the question how we can eat less but better meat.


I’ll be doing two meat-related things on the farm this weekend. One is smoking the last of the pork bellies from the pigs we raised on dumpster scraps.


The other is finally harvesting the rabbits from the last litter. They are getting so big, I can barely afford to keep them fed (they eat greens from the dumpster and Templeton Rabbit Food which costs $25/bag). I figure that if I sold the rabbits, they would have to cost $25/rabbit just to recoup their feed costs. It’s part of the crunch of being a small-scale farmer. No matter how wiley I am by feeding the animals scraps and stale bread, they still need some feed to thrive. And feed is getting more and more expensive.

Which makes me know that meat should be more expensive than it is. And that we should probably eat less of it.

6 responses to “Meat and Greet

  1. What breed rabbit do you raise, and where did you purchase them? I’m loving my chicken experiment, so it’s time to move on to mammals.

  2. ghosttownfarm

    hey jessica;
    they are a new zealand/california/rex cross. a friend gave me the rabbits and she got them through a rabbit breeder in sonoma. a breeding pair usually costs about $60.

  3. Hello!
    A friend recommended me your awesome blog about this incredible story of yours.
    I love rabbit meat, but I was wondering how you kill them? I have a memory of my dad killing one, and the scream was so terrifying that it still haunts me – and my mom and I coul not eat it. Is there a way to not terrify the animal and make it fast, limiting the fear and suffering?

  4. Thanks for the info. It’s great to see you are doing so well with the raising of your rabbits. They really are eating a lto of food, wow!

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