Veggie Oil

Hello. Of course you know you can power your diesel car with vegetable oil. But the details, for many people, become a little hazy. To that point, the lovely Moe B and myself will be co-teaching a class about all the ins and out about using veggie oil instead of that stinky dino-diesel.
If you’re interested, details are below:
Veggie Oil 101
Thinking about converting your vehicle to run on straight vegetable oil? This class covers basic theory, veg oil collection, issues, and explains the different types of conversions available. Also, local conversion kit installers will talk about their kits. Taking this class is a great way to educate yourself about SVO options.
Sunday March 1st 11 a.m- 3p.m.
Cost: $40
To enroll please email: with the subject heading: March 1st class.

One response to “Veggie Oil

  1. Looks like a great class!

    To go on a tangent, those interested in this topic may also be interested to know about the HCCI engine, anticipated to hit commercial sales in new cars within the next decade or so. HCCI engines can run on gasoline, diesel, veggie oil and more. They use gasoline 15% more efficient than a conventional gasoline engine used today (no spark plugs in HCCI). Check out wikipedia and the net for more info.

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