What do you get when

The rabbits are sick of all you people fawning over how cute the dumb baby goats are. They have cute babies too! Especially after they get out of that rodent-like, near-hairless stage. 

And so, I present the following question: 

What do you get when…

You cross a handsome buck like Speckles…specklesWith the gorgeous, friendly, soft as mink but not very photogenic Sasquatch?


Well, Speckles is a New Zealand/California cross. And Sassy is a Silver Fox….

So that makes them a one-quarter New Zealand/one-quarter California/and one half Silver Fox. 


Oh, you want to see a photo? 

Please sit down. 

pandabunnyPanda bunnies! 

Four white and black, and five black. You will die when you see them. 

blackieHere’s the whole family looking on while I stick the bun in my pocket. 

Ok, and that is the *last* time I ever do a post in the format of one of those idiotic joke emails that my dear dear relatives like to send off for a giggle and a snort. Goodnight!

6 responses to “What do you get when

  1. awwwwwww, they are SO adorable! and way easier to care for than the goats.

    but in september i might be tasting them, ugh…

  2. Our bunny, Patches, gave birth recently, too ;). She’s a black and white something, and the sire is a tan something. She had five black and white babies and two dark gray babies.

  3. Cute bunnies. Brings back fond memories of genetics class…

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh, how cute and fluffy. Cootshie cootshie coo…

  5. Panda Bunnies! I love it!

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