My new baby…

Oh yeah: if you’d like to hear me read from the baby, check this calendar for tour info. thanks!-nc

This week, on Thursday, a new baby will be born on Ghosttown Farm: my book, Farm City!


I guess it has already been born: 25 copies arrived to my house  in all their hardcover splendor the other day. Since then, I’ve been playing with the book (undressing it from its dust jacket, admiring its red and green interior, the special mole the publisher embossed on it, before putting its dust jacket back on) and really getting to know it again (typo on page 42).


Of course, others have had sneak previews of my baby, and made their comments. See here for the Publisher’s Weekly review. The NYTimes book review even mentioned it in a summer reading round-up. Of course, some people are feeling negative, as we see here with the library journal who didn’t think I’m funny, no not one bit. Oh well–you can’t please everyone, right?

This week, the book bambino will start its tour and I’ll be showing off the babe, warts and all, at the following locations:

June 13, Biofuel Oasis, 1441 Ashby Ave,  7:30pm. This is our biofuel station slash bookstore slash feed store located on Ashby and Sacramento in South Berkeley. We’ve assembled a group of urban ag experts to be on hand and pass out information. Also: goat cheese, homemade olives, and beer! We’ll be showing a trailer of Edible City and I’ll be doing a slideshow about GT Farm and reading from Farm City.

June 15, Booksmith 1644 Haight Street in SF at 7:30pm. They even planted some herbs and lettuce in their window for a cool book display!

June 16, Eccolo restaurant on 4th Street in Berkeley, book release party! Featuring produce grown on Bay Area urban farms and a dramatic opening of the prosciutto I made with chef Chris Lee. Should be epic. Nima from Analog books will be there to sell Farm City.

June 18, Berkeley, in conversation with Michael Pollan as part of the Berkeley Arts and Lectures author series. First Congregational Church, 7:30, $10 at door.

Hope to see you at a few of these events–each one will be different and special. And I promise to sign the baby’s armpit for you.


35 responses to “My new baby…

  1. Congrats! It’s a beautiful baby 🙂 I’m hoping to make the Michael Pollan event at FCC, but I’m not sure yet if I can.

  2. Novella–I cannot wait to buy and read your book and figure out a way to get to one of the events, or to you, so I can get it signed! 🙂 Congratulations on the book. I’ve been tweeting about it.

  3. Congrats, my dear, it’s so pretty!

    I am incredibly excited to read your little one–everyone I know who has seen it is raving. Yay! I’ll see you at the event up here in Seattle. Sending love and congratulations on the new arrival!

  4. “dramatic opening of the prosciutto.”


  5. Yay Novella! I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on me own copy…luckily my birthday happens soon and it’s on the top of the wish list.

    Have lots of fun taking that baby on its first perambulatory stroll…

  6. Awesome! So exciting, wish I wasn’t out of town for the events…

  7. How exciting! Congrats!!!!
    I haven’t reat it yet and am pretty new to your blog. I plan to come and see you in Seattle.

  8. We’ll see you Saturday night!

  9. I can’t wait to read your book. Good on you for all of your hard work. Our local library has it ordered, so as soon as it’s in it’s mine!

  10. Congratulations on a fantastic review in the NYT. I cant wait to read your ‘soaring writing’.

  11. Uncle Frank and I will see you at Powell’s in Portland…looking forward to the event.

  12. I saw your book in the NYT Book Reviews. You’ve got a new fan. Congratulations and good luck on the book tour!

  13. Novi! Congrats to you!!! I knew you would be famous one day! Ran in to your Mama at the Shelton Farmers Market and she told me about the NYT article – SO SO proud of you! Call me when you get into town!

  14. can you post a link to your book tour schedule?

  15. Congrats from one tiny backyard urban farmer neighbor to you (a much bigger urban farmer)!

  16. Sporting Days

    Way to make Oprah’s great summer reading list! I just bought two copies on Oakland’s college avenue — one for my wife and one for my mother-in-law. We’re Oakland natives, now living in Sacramento, growing vegetables and raising backyard chickens. You definitely need to make the rounds in Sacramento once you finish some of your Bay Area book tours. It will be very popular here. I’m enjoying your book and your story. Congratulations on all your success.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! And yea for all us readers! Enjoyed the advance copy – loved it – and just got my mitts on the final!

    Best of all, I walk into work today and my office-mate says “hey, i have this book I’m reading that I really think you’d enjoy” – of course it was YOURS! She’s not in the food industry either, which made it that much sweeter – found it on her own! She’s one of those who loves to spread the word about a good book!

    Spokane’s ready for you to visit! My triamble are coming along.

    Most important – make sure to have fun with it all.

    Best to all the critters!

  18. Thanks again for the advance copy! I loved the book and so does everyone I’ve lent it to (though I’ll also encourage them to buy their own copies now that they can…)

    Edible East Bay says they’re going to publish my review of it in their summer issue, btw.

    Good luck with your tour!

  19. Novella. .. you can almost always find free beds on craigslist . . . I am sure free craigslist beds are at least as good as the one you and the boyfriend found.

  20. Dear Novella,

    I just got off the SF gate and am making a note to go to the Booksmith to buy your book!


    Too bad I missed meeting you on the 15th -timing is everything, sigh.

    Did the Booksmith want you to bring a goat to your signing or did they fear that their merch. would be in jepeordy in becoming an evening snack? Speaking of goats, my truest love and I are wondering who’s taking care of your critters while you are on your book tour? Of course we are volunteering:-)

    Best of luck on selling your book. After I read it I promise to come back to your blog with my 2 cents, which may be giving too much worth to my opinion.

    It sounds like you live a wonderful live.

    Peace, love and a happy ending,

  21. I read your article in SFGate. I’m definitely buying your book. My mom has a big yard in The City…I want to get her a baby wishes to you !!!!

  22. will you be touring near Cupertino or Palo Alto?
    I jsut read your article from SF Gate and really enjoy your writign style. I cna’t wait to read your new book. Best!
    -Sara Teeter
    Ridge Vineayrds

  23. Hey Novella,

    Great gig at the Booksmith, really nice to meet you and I hope we all get to hang soon!

  24. Just finished reading it, loved every word. Saw you speak at Taste3 last year and once I heard about the book coming out, couldn’t wait to read it. Congratulations!

  25. Hey Novella,
    I read about your book in the NY Times. It arrived yesterday and I just finished it—could not put it down. Awesome job and truly inspirational. I have 5 chickens here in suburbia who have been eating pellets with little enthusiasm. Now I’m inspired to grow some food for them. I have always had a garden—it never crossed my mind to grow THEIR food, but shit! Why not?

  26. I might just be one of the growing cadre of people who don’t know you- found your book on the Green Apple website and decided I had to have it. Now I absolutely must have a peek at your garden. I’m trying to install a garden program at the high school I teach at in south SF, and would love to ask questions and more questions…

  27. Hi There,
    I read about you in the NYT, ran out to get your book and I’m loving every minute of you adventures. You’re a sure fire hit!
    Good luck!

  28. My brother sent me an advance, uncorrected proof of Farm City and I devoured it in 3 days. (It would have been sooner if work didn’t keep me so busy). I like what your doing, my wife thought I was crazy when I tore out the lawn in our front yard and the ice plant in the back, that’s just not what is done in San Diego. She has turned it around since she has developed a taste for fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes. We have 2 chickens too, but that’s the limit, our lot is only 3500 sf, house and garage included.

  29. I loved your book, and laughed hysterically, outloud, many many times. You made your urban farm come alive for me. Thanks so much for taking me with you. Iy weekend was well spent curled up in my barcalounger, enjoying your wonderful adventure. Be well . . . Hope book sales enable you to buy land, more seeds, more animals, and spread your wonderful, healthy, awake awareness around . . .

  30. I loved your book, and laughed hysterically, outloud, many many times. You made your urban farm come alive for me. Thanks so much for taking me with you. IMy weekend was well spent curled up in my barcalounger, enjoying your wonderful adventure. Be well . . . Hope book sales enable you to buy land, more seeds, more animals, and spread your wonderful, healthy, awake awareness around . . .

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  32. Congrats, that’s an accomplishment in itself, to be published. And I’d love to read it!

    I came here via your sister living in France. What a great story of both of your lives. Ever since living in Switzerland (2002), I truly agree about your life but haven’t figured out where or how to do it… So I dream each day..

  33. Loved the book!

  34. Just found you through your sister’s flickr pages and just clicked over to put your book on hold through interlibrary loan. The two copies within the state (Montana) are already checked out though so now I’ll just have to be patient and wait!

  35. I came across your book at the library and decided to give it a go. I can’t put it down!

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