Tour recap

A wise person advised me to keep a journal about my book tour–writing down the names of people I met, things I saw, and questions that were asked. Of course I didn’t do it. Much to my regret.

Here’s what I remember, very hazily: Flew to Portland and went to KBOO for a radio interview (never heard it). Dinner at Paley’s Place (rabbit raviolis) with my uncle and aunt (delish). Met up with Lana and Bill at my hotel. So good to see her. She brought her grandmother’s  tweezers. Which we employed that next morning as I had to go on Northwest AM–a television show–and couldn’t do so with my beard. Lana also cut my hair that morning, to the horror of room service. Met an urban farmer in Portland randomly (we just drove up, she came outside and gave us a tour). Her garden–Kung Fu Farm–put mine to shame. To shame! Lots of chickens. Read at Powell’s to a nice audience and offered people prosciutto (if they bought a book!).

Bombed into Seattle around 1:20am after my reading in Portland. Billy was demanding Dick’s burgers, so we stopped in and had a deluxe and milkshake. Stayed on my friend’s floor for the next three days. Read at the beautiful Town Hall. Met people from Grist. Rode my friend’s bike to Third Place Books. Interview with KUOW. Ate Thai food. Did a conversation/dinner/chocolate reading with Warren Etheridge. We mostly talked about growing pot. He’s great.

Went to my hometown of Shelton where I recuperated and my mom fed me in between naps. Her rural town garden is really going great guns, and she’s thinking about bees. Flew home the next day. Arrived home to see that our landlord painted the house pink and red, the goats were thirsty, and the garden just looked okay compared to what I had seen in the great Northwest.

Also: took zero photos. I’m an ass.

Tomorrow, July 1 (rabbit, rabbit) I’ll be on It’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar at 10am on KALW (call in with some love, ok?), then reading at Green Arcade books on Market, a new awesome bookstore filled with green living and nature titles.  It’s right by Zuni. 7pm.

July 2, I’ll be at Copperfields in Sebastopol. Might bring my extractor and do a demo.

Finally, Michael Jackson: RIP. I really loved you. And I’m so sorry.

9 responses to “Tour recap

  1. MarkBSnyder

    Hi Novella ,

    I am entrenched in Part Two: Rabbit of your marvelous book. This is a really fantastic memoir – raw honey in mason jars? Watermelon thefts? Gang-war mediations? My kind of suspense!

    Hope you make it to the East Coast at some point!

    Be well.

  2. Novella–I just emailed you–I just shrieked in an empty house and my dogs just looked at me as if I was crazy–your book’s on Oprah’s list of 25 Books!

    I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail (was going to wait to buy at one of your readings but it turns out I cannot make any of them), I cannot wait to read it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Maggee in NY

    Just finished your book and had to leave a comment (I dont usually do this)… I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to more. I am trying my own version of living locally (backyard garden, volunteer at local farm, learning how to hunt) – so your book was an inspiration.
    A fan (aka A city gal now living in the country)

  4. Specifically, the mention is on Page 118 of “O, the Oprah Magazine”, July 2009 issue. My wife came in and showed me excitedly. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!
    And here’s a link,

  5. I was just SICK that I missed you in Portland…my backyard!! That aside, I am touched to read your comment re: Michael Jackson. I loved him too and am disgusted at the ugly talk all over the web. Yay for you! And did I ever thank you for the seeds? Your kindness is very much appreciated.

  6. I got your book, I have spent the entire day reading it (i’m almost done). I am laughing at the part where you asked the towheaded boy if G means girl (and cracking up at your description of his reaction). Your book is on par with Heat and Omnivore’s Delight. I LOVE IT. All my friends are going to buy it. I want you to sign it!

  7. Novella – I’m over here from Riana’s blog and I’ll be a regular reader from now on 🙂
    I’m really enjoying your book: it’s beautifully written. Who is the watermelon thief? I couldn’t believe it had gone. Guess all will be revealed as I read on…
    Such talented sisters.

  8. Hello Novella, My first time responding on your blog. Yesterday your new book arrived in my mailbox. It’s a wonderful book and I love the way you write, wry and factual. I really can’t stop reading it. I also raise chickens, turkeys, sometimes pigs. Keep it up! I follow Riana’s blog every day. Love that little girl!

  9. I saw you in Seattle with Warren and that was the best evening of radical salon. Now I’ve finished your book and you’ve convinced me that pigs in my Seattle back yard garden are unwise. I guess it was the description of their eventual size and how much they actually ate that really drove the point home! You and Bill were amazing to dumpster dive so much for them!

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