For Sale: Three Goats

Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m swimming in goats in my backyard. The kids are now 3 months old and should be sold to good homes. I’m having trouble letting go, but I know it’s best for everyone involved. I’ve decided to sell Orla, my first freshener, her daughter Milky Way, and her half sister, Hedwig, the horned mini la Mancha.

A little bit about them:

Orla was born on the farm March 17, 2008 (white goat at the top of the stairs). Her papers from the National Dwarf Goat Association are pending (I’m so lazy about registering!). She is very sweet and cuddly and is a beautiful white goat without horns. This spring, she gave birth to two twin girls without problem. Though she has wonderful body formation, her milk production has been disappointing (this is why I’m selling her). I would recommend her as a pet or as breeding stock. $100.


Hedwig was born on the farm May 1, 2009. She’s a blend of Nigerian Dwarf and La Mancha, and as a hybrid, can’t be registered. She has very strong dairy characteristics. She also has horns, and so would not be appropriate for people with small children. I had thought she was a hermaphrodite, but am fairly sure she is indeed a girl. She’s really smart and cool, like a dog. $50.


Milky Way is a dream goat, born on the farm May 5, 2009. She has very good character and great milk lines on her father’s side. She might be a champion milker! She’s not registered but I can get her registered once her mom, Orla, is registered. She is very small and cuddly, pictured here at two weeks old. $150.


What you should know:

Goats need friends, that is why I’m selling these three together. You’ll need a backyard or farm with a good fence, protection from predators, a goat loafing area, plenty of water, and good hay (alfalfa and grass hay). The goats also like tree branches, leaves, jade plant. So you should know they will also freely eat your trees and bushes. I recommend separating them from the garden. The ideal is that you won’t eat these goats, they have been raised as pets.

If no one steps up for the goats, I’ll have to put them on craigslist. But I’d rather know the buyer so I can give advice and visit the goats and see how they are progressing. I’m especially curious how Hedwig and Milky will be as milkers.

Email me directly if you are interested and want to know more:

novellacarpenter at gmail dot com.

13 responses to “For Sale: Three Goats

  1. I’m fairly new to the goat world, but I’ve heard that you can’t tell too much from the udder of a first freshener — that many goats develop improved capacity over time. So if you’re thinking about buying these goats, don’t write Orla off as a potential milker!
    P.S. There is nothing as wonderful as opening the door to your yard/pasture and hearing “MEEEEH! MEH!” as a bunch of baby goats come racing over to get their heads scratched. These little ones will steal your heart, period.

  2. ghosttownfarm

    hi lynda;
    that’s true: orla could be an amazing milker. i just don’t have the space to wait and find out.
    and, yes, they are a complete joy!

  3. Oh, I wish my backyard were big enough, Novella. Milky Way the dream goat! I love going to Harley Farm in Pescadero, I’m wondering if Dee Harley would take those guys? They could hang out with Homer, Marge, and Bart, the llamas.

    Hope all is well. Got to hang out with Baba’s bees today ;-).

  4. I wish I lived closer, I have been thinking of getting goats for two years.

  5. theorytopractice

    I just want to tell you what a gem your “Farm City” book is, and that the ghost town blog is a wonderful adjunct. You are inspiring!

  6. Found your blog yesterday…what a work you’re doing in Oakland!
    I have had goats for a few years now and am hoping to be raising up some born here for a change in the near future…just addes a Boer buck to our group, but he’s four months so it will be a bit yet!
    If all works out, I hope to see you on the 29th!

  7. Dear Sir/Madam

    I want to buy a nanny for my grandkids.

    I prefer one that is PG or else two kids of different sex but unrelated.

    They must be white.

    Don’t sale me the top of the litter because I am scraping to get enough money as it is. Grandkids need pets or they will find other ways to be happy. I am willing to make any sacrafice for my G-kids. I had several goats when I was a boy. I raised them all from their birth.

    Thank you

    jo nathan

    I live near Dallas, TX Will this be a problem

  8. ghosttownfarm

    hi jonathan;
    thanks for your interest in my goats.
    the fact you live in dallas, tx is indeed a problem. i recommend finding a goat locally–why not try a local goat dairy? good luck!

  9. Denece Slade

    Do you still have any of these goats? Or do you have any others for sale?

  10. ghosttownfarm

    hi denece;
    i sold the ones i needed to sell, but i’ll have more to sell next spring.

  11. Novella,

    We are thinking of getting 2 goats (residing in Berkeley) and are wondering about a price estimation for the alfalfa feed. Thanks for a great read by the way- wish you could add in a chapter about your goat adventures!


  12. ghosttownfarm

    hi erin;
    bales of quality alfalfa run about 10-18 dollars, depending on the hay season, more in winter when they have to barn it. that’s one reason why i keep nigerian dwarf goats–they eat much less. goats can also be fed browse/branches (that’s actually their fav food). oat hay and orchard grass can also be fed to the goats. they’ll eat veg scraps, but this should be kept to a minimum. good luck!

  13. lookingformalegoatsplease5032894133

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