Coming to a Town Near You: Update

So, I’m heading out on vacation in a few hours. Billy and I are flying to Florida, then I’ll go over to France. I’ll be back in the urban farming saddle September 29. We were lucky to find a housesitter and our downstairs neighbors will make sure the goats get fed and watered. We also have a mighty milking list with all my kind friends who are going to squeeze Bebe’s teats while I’m gone. Whew, what a relief. It’s so hard to tear myself away but I really really need to rest.

When I come back, I’m glad to report that this October and November, I’ll be visiting many cities to promote my book Farm City. Dates in italics are not yet filled, and I have put requests for places I want to go, so drop a line, and we’ll see if I can spread out a little more. I might want to sleep on your couch or goat shed…

October 5, Corte Madera, CA, Reading, Book Passages book store, 7pm

October 8, Madison, Wisconsin, Reading, Wisconsin Book Festival, A Room of One’s Own, at 307 W. Johnson Street, 5:30.

October 9, Chicago: visit with urban farmers!

October 10, Chicago: visit with urban farmers!

October 17, San Francisco, Reading, LitQuake at 18 Reasons, time TBA

October 18, Berkeley, CA, Chicken 101 class, Biofuel Oasis, 1441 Ashby Ave, 10-1pm (must pre-register)

October 19, Moscow, ID,  Reading, University of Idaho, Administration Building Auditorium, 7pm

October 20 & 21, Spokane, WA

October 24, Kansas City, Reading, Bad Seed Kitchen

October 25, Kansas City, Complete Chicken class, TBA 10am-1pm

October 31, Austin, Texas, The Complete Turkey class, 10-2, venue TBA

November 1, Austin, Texas, Austin Book Festival panelist, details TBA

November 10, New York, NY; Horticultural Society of New York, 6pm
148 West 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY, Telephone: 212.757.0915

November 11, Brooklyn, NY, Vox Pop Cafe, details TBA

November 12, Providence, RI, details TBA

November 13, Boston, Mass, details TBA

November 14, Portland, Maine, details TBA

November 15 & 16, NYC chicken and rabbit processing classes with Samin, details TBA

November 21, Sacramento, CA, The Complete Chicken/Reading, details TBA

December 5, Berkeley, CA The Pasta Shop, 4th Street, 1-3pm

December 6, Lafayette, CA, Mt. Diablo Nursery, 10-12

Thank you everyone who helped organize this, especially Hamida!

35 responses to “Coming to a Town Near You: Update

  1. Absolutely loved Farm City….have recommended it to a number of people here on Cape Cod. If you’re coming all the way out to Boston, why not consider coming to the Cape? Could most likely get interest from a local bookstore or library for you. You can stay in a studio apt. we have down the street where my “farm” (sans critters so far) is. Have a wonderful vacation!


  2. come to dc! please!!

  3. Lauren Lyle Olwell

    I hope to hell you have a vacation scheduled after the tour. Just looking at your list exhausts me. And also, if you need any help down the line, I’m available.

  4. Very smart to take your vacation BEFORE the book tour. Coming to France? ner me in the SW? please stop by and have a cup of…wine?

  5. Novella- We would love to host you while your in Sacramento, if you need a place. Drop me am e-mail when you are contemplating your Sacramento part of the tour.


  6. any chance of coming to Minneapolis/St Paul if you’re going to be in Madison? It’s not that far!

  7. Come to Indianapolis. We’ve had the pleasure of having Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Bill McKibben and we’d love to add you to the list.

  8. look forward to seeing you in Spokane! and perhaps we’ll have a chance to peek at my 2 little triambles, thanks to you.
    enjoy the trip and family time.

  9. I would drive from Cleveland to Detroit to hear you speak, but would you like someone in Cleveland (me) to help arrange a date for here? We’re only a few hours from Detroit, and I see some space before the next date on the calendar (although I understand it might be there for a very good reason). I’m happy to offer a bunch of energy and enthusiasm if you would like. I don’t have a job right now, so I can even devote a good chunk of time if that would be of help to you.

  10. Novella, we would love to have you in Knoxville, TN! We are right on I-40 and I-75 if you take either of those east from Austin. Our city has a thriving Slow Food chapter, Permaculture Guild, and the fabulous Knoxville Urban Hen Coalition and we want to meet more inspiring farmer friends. Please come- we will organize a great event for you and feed you right Southern-Style!

  11. We love your book! Looking forward to hearing you read in Brooklyn or the city. We live in the Bronx, but if you need a place to crash, our couch is yours!

  12. Yay! You’re coming to Maine! I hope I’ll get to see you when you’re here.

    On a different note, Shaorn Astyk mentioned your book on her blog today :).

  13. Great Book! I’ll look forward to seeing you in either Chicago or Milwaukee when the dates and location are ironed out.

  14. Whne will you know the dates of your tour? I live in the city of Farmington Hills, a suburb of Detroit, and have been dubbed the, “Farmer on 8 Mile.” Yes that 8 Mile, albeit a nicer part then most think. I know you would have a tremendous response here. The people here are looking for guidance (they stop and as a lot of questions) in growing their own food. Your book has a reservation list a mile long at the library and I’ve seeen people buying your book every time I have been at any of the bookstores in the area.

  15. I just finished the book (about 10 minutes ago) and I have to say it’s a great book. I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to seeing you if you make it to Chicago.

  16. How about scheduling some time in Phoenix? I love you book, and hope to have goats and chickens someday too in my new backyard. Phoenix is a mecca for urban farming and gardening, and we would welcome your expertise!

  17. ghosttownfarm

    the closest i’ll be in phoenix is when i do the tucson book fest in march. i think the paperback book tour will include phoenix–that will kick off in june….
    thanks for reading!

  18. ghosttownfarm

    that’s awesome!
    i keep meaning to hit detroit but haven’t made it yet. i’ll bet i will make it next summer when the paperback version of farm city comes out. looking forward to meeting you in person!

  19. ghosttownfarm

    hey darcy;
    thanks for the offer! it’s looking like i’m not going to make it to detroit this time around. hoping to make it there next summer (then i can really see the urban ag scene in action). i’m assuming they’ll send me to cleveland, too. so, hope to meet you in person!

  20. ghosttownfarm

    Yes! Probably Minn/St Paul next summer for the paperback tour. i do love it there!

  21. ghosttownfarm

    hi carolyn;
    nice, i’d love to do a reading in indianapolis. if you have a good contact for the bookstore/venue that hosts readings, please send that info to my publicist:

  22. any interest in coming to Philly (during what looks like a break) between Nov 1 – 10 before your engagements in NYC? Could offer a guest room and I’m sure could help you to find a speaking venue…

  23. ghosttownfarm

    hi nissa;
    i wish! i’m dying to go to philly. i’m dealing with work and goat stuff around then. i’m sure i’ll finally get there during my paperback tour in june–how does that sound?

  24. Next summer it is! I will try to bring lots of friends 🙂

  25. Novella- I’m about 2/3rds the way through your book (OMG I LOVE it!) and just thought to google you about three minutes ago. I live in Chicago and see that you have a couple days in Chicago in italics on your schedule. Are you still planning to come here? I’m a small time urban farmer (just in my backyard right now) but I’m pretty involved with the urban farming scene here in Chicago if you need any connections… which you probably don’t.. but just in case. LOL 🙂

  26. we live 20 minutes away from st. louis, mo in illinois, which isn’t on your tour but if you decide to add it, we’d love to have you as our guest! we have 4 1/2 acres and raise goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys and bees plus an orchard, veggie garden and several herb gardens, mostly medicinal.

  27. There’re some folks in Urbana-Champaign who’d love to see you – 2.5 hours south of Chicago!

  28. novella, i can’t express how excited i am to meet you when you’re here in kansas city, and to learn from you in the “meet your meat” class. i read your book just about the instant it came out, and have been telling everyone i know about you and riana for *ages*. 🙂

  29. Would love to see where you are going in Chicago when you are here. I am part of Green City Market – where you may be coming anyway.

    Would be delighted to help with some restaurant hookups while you are here as I am also a restaurant publicist.

  30. ghosttownfarm

    hi ellie!
    dang it, missed you. i wasn’t keeping up with the blog while touring. i got to see city farm and growing home. both are so different but so cool. i’d love to arrange something in chicago for my paperback tour. do you guys have a venue? or could i just read at the green market? thanks for getting in touch, and sorry i missed you!

  31. ghosttownfarm

    hey kcyardener;
    i’m looking forward to checking out the scene in kansas city! should be lots of fun…tell your friends!

  32. We definitely have venues for you. Ping me when it comes time for the paperback tour.
    city farm and growing home, very cool indeed.
    Thanks for your book. Inspired me mucho. I made some of those plums you described in your book. Yumaroo.

  33. Come to Denver!! We’ve got a strong, vibrant community of urban homesteaders who would love to hear you speak or participate in a class! Also, our oh-so-popular and hip restaurant critic (who typically poo-poo’s locavore stuff) just posted a shout-out about your book, and how much he liked it.

  34. Can’t wait till next thursday in Providence!

  35. Please add Las Vegas to your next book tour!

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