Goat Town Tour, Dec 20

Due to popular demand, I’m going to have another farm tour!

When: Sunday, December 20, 11am-2pm

What: Signed copies of Farm City, Goat Town t-shirts, fried green tomatoes, and hot chocolate made with goat milk for sale. Goat snuggling and tours free.

Where: Ghosttown Farm, 665 28th Street, at Martin Luther King

How: Don’t park on 28th Street!! Park on MLK, and walk over. Please. I’ll give you the stink-eye if you drive down 28th Street, which is a dead-end street where my neighbors enjoy parking their cars.

My garden looks like hell, especially in December, so arrive with low expectations.

See you there!

12 responses to “Goat Town Tour, Dec 20

  1. This really makes me wish our son was flying into San Francisco instead of Fresno on the 20th…..we would SO be there!

    Maybe next time 🙂

  2. I would be too, if I wasn’t way the hell up in Oregon. Sent a link to my sister in the east bay though!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. i enjoyed the article posted on eartheasy – caught my eye. i have been researching and developing the edible landscape concept in urban / industrial areas. It seems that something new each day presents itself for an opportunity… no sheep and chickens yet but i am hopeful to see them take their place one day.

    Thank you – marking this blog for a good source to refer too.

    Love and Blessings,


  5. I wish I could come see, even if it looks like hell! Take some pics for those of us on the other side of the country! (My garden is currently frozen!)

  6. Finally a tour on a date that I’m not working! Frozen garden or not I’m coming.

  7. It was great meeting you at the lecture the other night – and findingout about our Seattle connections! My little family will stop by on Sunday. Can I contribute any refreshments? Make a quick bread or something? I’ll invite my students as well. See you soon.

  8. Another “I wish I could be there!”

    Planning a visit out from Baltimore to Oakland one day. Would so love to visit. My aunt lives near the Fruitvale BART stop so this is definitely possible.

    Hope to hear about another tour one day! Perhaps in the springtime?

  9. Hey Novella,
    I just sent you an e-mail and then saw this! I’ll have to suggest this to my brood when they wake up. Sounds like a splendid way spend part of our Sunday!
    I can bring Valrhona chocolate and cocoa powder.

  10. Novella,

    I’m so sorry I missed this! Please add me to the list for the next tour.

  11. Novella Carpenter

    This is Sgt Jacobs, from the 513 squad. We have had numerous complaints about your get togethers on your “squat” lot. Please be informed, it is against section 143, code 145376 to host events on an abandoned lot in Oakland, California.

    PS I bought one of your shirts for my niece.

    Sgt Jacobs
    Oakland Ca

  12. ghosttownfarm

    sgt! oh dear. maybe you’ll take a bribe, like a smooching session near the compost pile?

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