End of Winter Challenge

Dudes. My pants don’t fit! I think I’ve been eating too much. It’s really gross. So, for the next two weeks, I’ll be revisiting my lovely 100-yard diet from the summer of 2007.

Rules and motivations are slightly different. Let me explain.


1. Too much Chinese food giving me a muffin top, and extra fat layer is making a strange rippling feeling when I walk.

2. Almost spring, time to clean out the whole system. I’ll be using an herbal “deep cleanser” if you know what I mean. It’s been at least five years since my last intestinal cleanse.

3. Bill’s on vacation so I can stay focused.

4. Not getting any younger.

5. Reading Tom Brown, the wilderness survival guru and loving it. Though he looks a little pudgy in his author photo (how can this be if he’s eating acorns and wild nettles all day long?), he’s reminding me that my body is a tool for living, not a carcass for hiding out in. Or something like that.


1. Food from the garden only. No Chinese take-out. This includes: rabbit, vegetables, Bebe’s ever-loving milk, cheese, and sorbet (maybe this won’t work to melt pounds). I am going over to Hank’s for dinner, so that’s my one exception.

2. Wild-foraged food okay. Includes ‘shrooms, branches, nettles, and sea salt.

3. Pantry food okay that I’ve grown or picked myself: applesauce, tomatoes, pickles, olives.

Don’t worry: I’m no longer drinking coffee, this is going to be painless.

There, I told you, so don’t let me cheat!! This starts tomorrow, Thursday, February 25, ends March 11.

18 responses to “End of Winter Challenge

  1. Good luck!

    You’ve had practice though. Once a month I do an herbal clense to help me rid myself of nicotine, so I know what you are talking about.



  2. Good luck. Spring is almost here, time to get out my bike and lose my winter poundage, too.

  3. What will you drink other than milk? Just water? Did you harvest any tea? Good luck!

  4. Would you share what herbal cleanse you’re using? I’ve been thinking about doing this, as well.

  5. I’m cheering you on!
    I should probably join you. 🙂

  6. Good luck. I’ve been experiencing that rippling feeling myself. I may have to join you.

  7. Good luck with that, Novella! I’m just now reading your 100yard diet section in the book, so this is a bit dejavu for me to read you doing it again 🙂

  8. Good luck! When feeling homicidal from withdrawals, turn to the age old remedy of loud music. Punk rock or old school rap have wondrous healing properties.

  9. please be careful with the mushrooms . . .

  10. thanks y’all, and i invite you to join me. i usually do something called the intestinal rescue from the herbalist in seattle. it comes with a full jar of physillum powder mixed with other goodies, and these herbal tonics. this time i just went to whole foods and bought their herbal cleanse. i’m a little skeptical because everything is in individual packets and such. but basically you eat whole, unprocessed foods like nuts, fruit and veg, and take the supplements. some people do a juice fast for the last 5 days, which is pretty mind-blowing.
    i’ll be careful with the ‘shrooms. wouldn’t it be a delightful irony if i became deathly ill while trying to cleanse?

  11. You have my support! If I did a 100 yard diet now I’d most certainly lose my ripples since my garden is still snowed in!

  12. Tom says that in his advanced survival classes in the dead of winter in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana, students come out on average 4 lbs heavier. 🙂

  13. jeannine: man, we do have it easy in cali…
    fw: no way! eating squirrel or what?

  14. Hi Novella (beautiful name)
    I just started part 3 in your book….I love it and cant put it down reading on into 4am….anyway I was wondering as I read about your 100yard diet why you nevr mentioned steaming and eating your zucs and squashes beans etc., or making raw food salads or any specific recipies that met the challenges you faced?

  15. hey moon slippers; oh, well, i didn’t have any zucs that were mature yet. or squashes. or beans. july’s actually a bad month to take on the challenge. i gues the cookbook will happen later. i’ve never liked narrative books with recipes in them…

  16. Well, so far this is shaping up to be an interesting read…you’re certainly better set up for it this time around, I guess.

  17. which tom brown book are you reading?

  18. I’ve got that winter ‘layer’ too! I’m opting for an activity regimen to help me … whether cycling, gardening, walking or actively working in my shop…oh. and I’m forsaking potato chips. they’re from the devil! 😛

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