Monthly Archives: February 2010

Back from Africa

I’m back safe and sound, although still jet-lagged even days after touching down.

Since I was on assignment for Food and Wine, I can’t let out too many juicy details. You’ll have to wait until July to read the article. But in the meantime, here are a few photos…

This is one of the farmer’s markets in Nairobi. Patrick from Micato Safari is in the background.

This is the chef I was profiling, with two half-wild cheetas. They were amazingly vocal, letting out purrs and chirps. So gorgeous. They were rescued from a sure death outside of Somalia.

Though this is kind of a boring photo, it’s how I’ll remember Kenya. I took quite a few bush planes to get from here to there. Looking down, all you see are little farms, or shambas, making a mosaic out of the land, with small charcoal fires burning.

I’m incredibly happy to be back home, and will start posting about the farm again soon.