Exciting things happening

I am so high on almost spring!

Couple of things I wanted to get the word out about:

1. classes at the Biofuel Oasis urban farming store are going strong. i’m teaching a goat class may 9th, that isn’t quite full yet. if you’ve been thinking about raising goats, sign up for this class! there’s also classes about rainwater harveting, greywater, beekeeping, and chicken raising.

2. the sf garden show, usually an over-the-top horticulture event, is getting into food crops. this year it’s being held in san mateo (not cow palace) from March 24-28. Here are my picks for food gardening events: Pam Pierce, doyenne of the dirt, Wed March 24 at 3:30; Rosalind Creasy, edible landscaping godmother, appears March 25, 1pm; and a fellow urban farmer Bill Thoness is talking about heirloom vegetables, Friday March 26, 3:30. here’s a link for the full seminar schedule.

3. i’m ramping up garden production and have a new business model. though i’m still going to feed my hungry neighbors, i need to find a way to pay for seeds and alfalfa, rootstock and floating row cover. so i’ve hatched a plan to have a Pop Up Farm Stand!Β  here’s the general idea: every week, on say, a wednesday or thursday, i’ll post on-line what’s available to buy. this list will include fava beans, salad green mixes, milk (pet food only), rabbit meat, herbs, beets, seedlings, and grafted fruit trees. i might even dabble in selling some products like preserved lemons, dried tea blends, and cheese (aged and fresh). i’ll also have books and t-shirts for sale. on Friday i’ll open up the farm for a few hours for people to come by and get what they want, on a first come, first served basis. i’d love to hear what you think of the idea, and what you’d like me to grow or raise.

23 responses to “Exciting things happening

  1. I am *so* up for this, Novella. I’ll be there.

  2. Barring any disaster (or filled class before I get a chance to sign up) I’ll be at the goat class! Looking forward to it.

    I’m pleasantly surprised at the change in the SF Garden Show. In college I helped our department (Landscape Architecture) build an exhibit for the show. Other than the Orchid Hall (deep down I’m a total Orchid junkie) the exhibits didn’t really have any draw for me, which is saying a lot considering what I do for a living.

    The pop-up stand is a fantastic idea. It saddens me though about the rules of raw milk and how you can only offer it as pet food. I hope one day we will see a change in the laws.

  3. Love the idea of the pop up stand. Even though I live in SF, I might come over the bridge once in a while, perhaps for some rabbit meat, cheeses and/ or specialties.
    Oh, and seedlings πŸ™‚

  4. I love the pop-up farm stand idea. Eveuntually I want to do the same thing up here in Minnesota. Novella, could you expand on your knowledge of fruit tree grafting. I have read Michael Phillup’s book, The Apple Grower, and have a good idea of where to start, but I would like to hear what your expierience is with grafting. Thanks again!

  5. I love the idea. Sign me up for some rabbit!

  6. Great idea!

    I doubt it would be a moneymaker, but I wonder if you’ve thought of doing garden classes in combination with your tours. I dunno, $10 for a tour & seedlings/seeds to go, or something?

    I’m just getting into gardening : a small group of residents in my apartment building is getting together and starting work, for which I give you and your book partial credit! We got dirt today and it’s quite exciting, but I know nothing and don’t have a lot of patience for books. So I’ll probably just experiment and hope for the best.

  7. Let me know when/ where the pop up is going to happen and I will be there. Keep up the good work.

  8. I’d come by for that! I’d love to see your goats and I would def buy goat cheese if you had it.

  9. I would be there for the pop up stand! Cheese sounds like an awesome idea.

  10. i live in oakland and love the idea. and i would also definitely come to a food growing gardening class!

  11. I would so come buy food! are you doing it this friday?

  12. ghosttownfarm

    glad you all like the idea!
    i can’t do it this friday, or next, probably will have the first one on march 28, which is a sunday, when i’m having an open farm tour. it’s still pretty early in the season, mostly just chard and favas in the garden right now…

  13. I found out about a new publication called Urban Farm today when I was trolling around the internet, here is the link http://www.hobbyfarms.com/urban-farm/urban-farm.aspx
    Maybe some poeple would be interested

  14. oh good lord ya make me wanna move to california πŸ™‚ i soooooooooo want to come and give you money for yummies . . . your idea reminds me of a place i use to go every week when i lived in upstate ny http://www.bloominghillfarm.com/home.php they had the most amazing heirloom veggies – tomatoes! in a dozen different colors and spots and stripes and sizes! who knew??? πŸ™‚
    wishing you well with all you do . . . you’re amazing!

  15. Awesome plan Novella! Wishing you much success!

  16. Being in Oakland, I would make a stop at the stand!

    Other ideas for selling/ increasing that income is forage SF’s underground farmers market that you could participate in. It’s been very successful from what has been mentioned and supposedly most vendors sell out by the end of the night. 1200 people attended the last market and the publicity would be great too. Here is the link for more info: http://foragesf.com/market

    Selling at other markets or small grocery stores might help too. As far as t-shirts/ non food items, I definitely recommend setting up a PayPal account and selling online through various online stores that can make more apparel/ accessories too. Etsy.com is a given for the homemade, and Zazzle.com is great for putting your designs on items and having them sell online with you simply uploading your design and collecting your money. Ebay is always great too.

    Keep up the great work and see you Sunday for the rabbit course! πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Novella, I read your book and subscribe to your blog (LOVE both) but this is my first time commenting. I’m a neighbor, just a few blocks away and I’m so excited about your pop-up farm stand! I’ll definitely come by to supplement our own garden offerings this season. Keep up the great work, you’re a constant source of inspiration.

  18. Loved your book and want you to be the reader on the next audio book. I saw you speak at LAPL and you have what it takes to do that.
    Your pop up store is good but why aren’t you endorsing products and advertising on your site? You have to make a Facebook fan page, I follow your Twitter. You are a celebrity girl, work it!

  19. where can we find the info for your open farm tours? I would love to go!

  20. You make me want to move to your city, mine sent a letter stating my rabbut hutch must be removed , I spoke to the major and he thinks he can get the by-law changed, rabbits belong in a hutch! Going to work on them allowing a chicken coop as chickens are legal just not kept outside,we have odd by-laws that no one in city hall has any knowlage about!

  21. heather in western mass

    I read your book this weekend and have browsed your blog, living vicariously and nursing aspirations of having chickens and little goats someday. First step: starting tomatoes, sunflowers, and greens from seed this year.

    fyi, a hydroponic farm near me has a similar plan for selling their produce, although instead of showing up for first-come, first-served, you place an order online to collect on the designated pick-up day.


  22. This is a GREAT idea…..we live in the Central Valley but have relatives in Napa so we will definitely be stopping by!

    (tho I do like Heathers idea of placing an order online better than ‘first come first serve’, and maybe open on a Saturday every once in awhile?)

  23. Just stopping by to say hello and to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. Wishing you the best in all you do! Looking forward to following your blog!

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