Classes at Cafe Rogue

If, as the saying goes, “angels send meat, and the devil sends cooks,” butchers fall somewhere in between. The butchers I’ve known are centered, kind, hard-working people who know how an animal is put together. For farmers, they take up where we left off, and they are the intermediaries for the chefs, many of whom don’t work with whole animals anymore.

More and more home cooks are learning how to break down whole animals. It’s often less expensive to buy a whole chicken or a side of lamb; and many meat CSAs deliver half animals. Knowing how to properly butcher is a great skill to have, and there’s something empowering about knowing where each cut of meat actually comes from. So, I was so happy to hear about a series of butchery classes being held at Cafe Rogue. I’m going to attend the goat one on Monday, March 29. I heard there are a couple spaces left, so here are the details:

March 29th The Goat

6:30 pm Café Rouge Dining Room
1782 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
510 525 1440

The next classes will be:

April 26th poultry, May 24th sausage making.

Same place, same time. See you there!

6 responses to “Classes at Cafe Rogue

  1. I live in Chicago. I should see if there are similar classes here. I would love it if someone taught me how to properly cut up a whole chicken, duck, etc.

  2. What a great series! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wish I lived close enough to go to your classes, every time you post about one I think boy I could really use that.

  4. The chef at Mado Restaurant in chicago gives pig butchering classes:

  5. I attended culinary arts school close to ten years ago and learned how to butcher. The ironic thing is the butchering section of school is what made me start eating meat again after near seven years of being a vegetarian. I highly reccomend learning the skill of butchering, but like anything else, it requires lots of practice. have fun and good luck!

  6. How utterly cool is that…I wish I were nearer. BTW- I got my squash seeds yesterday- I’d forgotten all about them when you said you had a huge demand- I was content to wait until next year. But they arrived, like Christmas in March, so thank you very much, Novella. I’ll let you know how they do in the Portland area.

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