Farm Tour Details

Hey everyone. Just a reminder about tomorrow’s tour, 10am-2pm, in the garden next to 665 28th street (pink house). Park on MLK or ride your bike. It’ll be sunny and there’s not much shade, so wear a hat. There will be no official tours, just little signs and things. At 15 mins past the hour, on the hour, I will give a little talk about the place and how it all works. To protect the privacy of my neighbors, I won’t be letting people in the backyard where the animals are kept, but will bring the goats and rabbits out into the garden.
I will be selling the following items:
-Farm City books $25
-Tee shirts $20
-Goat yogurt, $5/pint
-Goat milk, $5/quart
-Goat cheese, $5/disc
-Chard, $3/bunch.
All things are in limited quantities, first come, first served.
See y’all manana!

2 responses to “Farm Tour Details

  1. Wish I could go! It’d be great if someone made a video of the farm tour, then I could see if I’m personally on the right track. Keep up the great work!

  2. Aloha Novella! I am reading your book and love it. We have dreamed of a small farm for many years, and now are finally going back to our home in Maui to pursue that dream (after some grueling years in tech here in the Bay Area). It’s people like you who inspire and encourage me. We’re heading back next week but are thrilled we can catch your tour tomorrow before we do!

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