Popping up

Rain or shine!

Lord, the Fire Marshall came to the farm early this week. They’re doing an assessment of all the “vacant” lots in Oakland, looking for fire hazards. I saw them idling their truck at the gate, looking curiously in, so I walked up to ask if I could help them. He asked if I had the land zoned for agricultural use. Um, er…I didn’t even know that was an option. Long story short, I impressed him with my stripped car that is serving as a greenhouse, and told him I would clear away brush and other fire hazards. Before he left he said, “And no parties or events here. What if someone has a cigarette?” So there you go. I think I will NOT be building a cob oven out there this Saturday.

Still, I will be popping up, and have the Pop-Up Farm stand on Sunday from 10-12 (note time change). I don’t want to risk getting busted, so it’ll just go for two hours. I’ll be selling pet food yogurt/cheese, favas, beets, leeks, tee-shirts, and books. See you there, and remember don’t park on 28th Street, park on MLK. Note: Unlike last time, I will not be doing tours. This is just a farm stand. You’re welcome to look around the garden but I’ll be focused on sitting behind the table and talking to people. As that one lady demanded last open farm: “I was told there would be animals!” There will not be animals, gotta wait until the next Open Farm day, which will be in July. 665 28th street, at Martin Luther King Way in Oakland.

If you can’t make Sunday, I will be part of the Pop-up General Store at Grace Street Catering Tuesday 5-7. It’s a really fun food event, with lots of yummy goodies to be had. Plus, Samin is so rad. 4629 MLK at 47th Street.

See you out there! And remember: no cigarettes.

11 responses to “Popping up

  1. MotherLodeBeth

    Do these fire officials read newspapers or watch tv? As well known as you are I am actually surprised that they didnt know you, admire you and want to encourage you.

  2. MotherLodeBeth

    Oliver anything anyone posts here is public, so everyone can read it.

  3. So when did you have to get a parcel rezoned to garden on it? Seems rather ridiculous to me.

  4. ghosttownfarm


    All “farm” garden lots must be zoned as “agriculture.” Read it and weep. NO CIGARETTES!!!

    Fireman Bill

  5. I just looked at Oakland’s zoning ordinance and they couldn’t be more ambiguous. Basically anyone with a veggie garden and/or backyard chickens, etc. is considered agricultural use and has to be rezoned. Dumb dumb dumb.

  6. If the fire marshall rolls up and asks us if our market-garden is zoned “agricultural” I will tell him, “No, it’s zoned crackicultural” and ask him if he wants to walk on down to the zoning commission with me and discuss it!

  7. Laura just made me spit out my water!

  8. I loved your pop up stand, Novella. I can only imagine how glorious it will be, come the height of the growing season. 🙂 Nibbling on the nummy “pet food” cheese now! Going to saute the beet greens tomorrow night for dinner.

  9. ghosttownfarm

    thanks for coming by christine! and i’m psyched to try out the pink tomato…xo,n

  10. Novella it was so great meeting you. I dined on leek cauliflower soup and swiss chard with garlic tonight. I wish I had bought a ton more. The yogurt is amazing and the cheese is out of this world. Thanks so much.
    Hope to see you again soon! Hugs R

  11. Well thank goodness you had the greenhouse car on hand to district him from his mind numbing job of zoning compliance!

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