Next Farmstand: May 29

Guess what? The paperback version of Farm City is out in stores starting today! The softcover version features an air-brushed photo of me on the backcover. Bill said it looked like I had a face-lift. But so what? The paperback is very affordable at $16, so I’m pretty excited and hope to sell a bunch of copies.

With that in mind, I’ll be popping up at 665 28th street to sell some farm produce like leeks, baby greens, salad mix, and fava beans AND copies of Farm City, both hard and softcover. Feel free to stop by from 10am-2pm on saturday may 29. There won’t be tours, but I might be convinced to bring out a very special guest we have at the farm (ssshhhh….)–his name is Mr. Lincoln. “At your stud service, m’am.” Because Bebe and Gingey still aren’t knocked up, even after a month of vacation in Vacaville. I’m getting desperate.

In other news, there’s a very cool City Slicker Fundraiser that you must attend. I’ll be there, snarfing up all the food! Willow and I might do a little soft shoe for our presentation. I’m pretty sure it’s tax-deductible, too.


Join us Friday June 4th, from 6-10pm
for a night of culture and entertainment.

There will be music, art, a four course fermented feast
with locally crafted fermented drinks and guest speakers Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City, and Willow Rosenthal, founder of City Slicker Farms, plus a CSF Backyard Gardener to speak about their program.

It’s sure to be a great night, so spread the word, tell your friends and come on out!

Tickets are $75 and available HERE. Kids accompanied by parents get in free.

Ferment Change is an annual celebration
of fermented foods and urban agriculture benefiting the work of City Slicker Farms.

Location: St. Paul’s Episcopal School – Parish Hall, 116 Montecito Ave., Oakland

An outdoor reception,
hors d’oeuvres, music and a silent art auction.

A four course dinner of…

· Sprouted Pea Bisque w/ a simple red cabbage kraut and pea shoot garnish. Served with rustic sourdough rolls and Straus butter.

· A Salad of Little City Garden Greens w/ spiced walnuts and chevre; tossed w/ a Fuyu persimmon vinaigrette.

· A main course of Dijon-braised tempeh triangles with peach chutney, slow roasted root vegetables in an herbed Champagne vinaigrette w/a side of steamed greens and pickled sea vegetables.

· Chocolate cake drizzled with a local honey-oat yogurt glaze and TripleSec roasted Swanton strawberries.

Plus a sample of locally fermented krauts and plenty of homebrew, ginger beer, and Kombucha!

8:30-9:30pm: Guest Speakers

Tickets are $75 and available from Brown Paper Tickets HERE.

9 responses to “Next Farmstand: May 29

  1. OMG – You have Mr. Lincoln? I LOVE that guy! He’s the father of my two teenagers and my three little kids. He makes WONDERFUL babies. And he’s handsome as hell to boot! You are one lucky gal!

  2. ghosttownfarm

    ha ha! he’s just a sweetcakes. bebe doesn’t like him, but ginger’s being seduced by his musky odor! how are your girls’ udders? i’m hoping to boost milk production with mr. l….

  3. MotherLodeBeth

    Am seriously thinking of coming, but need to know if the place is able to handle someone who uses a walker, as I would be bringing a wild mountain woman who lives like you do, only in the rural Sierras. ~Beth~

  4. ghosttownfarm

    hi motherlodebeth;
    the garden isn’t fully flat, so she might struggle. but there are flat bits and she can sit in the shade…your call.

  5. Roberta was just telling me about your fava bean lunch! Hope to make it across the Bay to your farm stand this Saturday. Hannah in particular wants to see you.

  6. I read your book from the library. Loved it so much that I preordered the paperback from Borders and should get it anytime now. Great read that I want to recommend on my blog when I get it. Don’t live close enough to go to farm stand. Have a great weekend.

  7. Hey Novella,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. My sister and I both read it from (hard) cover to cover and decided to raffle it off on our blog in celebration of our 100th post.

    Thanks for the great read.


  8. your book not only a great read but a great “listen” / i listened to it on audio from my library and told everyone about you and your city farming adventures. thanks

  9. Hey, Novella – I’ve linked from my new narrator website to your site. Check out the yummy reviews for the Farm City audiobook:

    Hope to see you someday soon….

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