Next Pop-Up Farmstand: Wednesday 5-7pm

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out to the open farm!

It was lovely having so many people in the garden, asking questions, and feeding the ducks. The crab cakes, ruled, right? Because it was so fun, I’m planning on opening the place up again next week: Wednesday, July 14 from 5-7pm. We’ll have tested the pizza oven by then, so it’s possible (if it works) there might be pizzas being sold, hot from the oven. I also harvested from my beehive this weekend, and got 17 quarts of the most gorgeous golden honey. I’ll be selling a little bit of that, plus preserved lemons, t-shirts, and greens. I could be persuaded to bring the goats out for a pat or two. Stop by after work or whatever and get some veggies. Hope to see you!

Wednesday July 14


665 28th street, oaklandia

5 responses to “Next Pop-Up Farmstand: Wednesday 5-7pm

  1. for those living outside oaklandia, will there be a chance (via web or swoop through spokane) to purchase a t?

  2. Please have it the following week, too bc we are on vacation next Wed and it sounds so fun!

  3. hey, hallin’ a: if you want a t-shirt, send me your address and size/color preferences. they are $20 plus $5 shipping.
    amy: the next wednesday, the 21, i’ll be at the pop up general store selling some of the same things, so you’ll get your chance!

  4. do you happen to have a photo or could just tell me color choices? i’m usually a small, unless it’s those american apparel ones that run a bit wee.

  5. Hey Novella: First, I just finished your book, tears of laughter streaming down my face and all. . . Thanks for the sobering, heartful glimpse at farming in the ‘hood. So inspiring. As a Baltimore native whose Dad “farmed” less than 1/8th of an acre each summer (partially to feed our Irish Catholic family of 9), I can attest to the unparalleled joy of homegrown tomatoes and cantaloupe that somehow escaped the rats’ jaws and the paws of local gleaners. . .

    These days, I volunteer with an urban farm based in Santa Cruz, CA now – the Homeless Garden Project ( In addition to offering transitional employment and organic farming skills training to homeless and formerly homeless folks, HGP runs Santa Cruz county’s first/longest-running CSA. The farm is situated on a divine little 2.5-acre patch near Natural Bridges State Beach. Like you, HGP is currently squatting. Their land is on loan to them by a local builder. So I/we can appreciate the tenuousness that comes from lack of land tenure!! If you’re ever in the area, pls give a shout. It would be great to give you a tour of the farm (followed by a beer at the world’s best Organic brewery, Santa Cruz Mtn Brewery, which is just around the corner from HGP’s farm!).


    PS – What do your t-shirts say??

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