Back in the Saddle

My butt is so glad not to be on a cross country roadtrip anymore.

My heart is feeling otherwise. I think it’s hard to get back and have work-work to do when I would rather:

1. Clean up the dead-ish garden after being inspired by the amazing urban farms I saw in Detroit (more on that later) and the rural farms in West Virginia.

2. Rearrange my apartment which somehow now seems tiny and horribly cluttered after living in a car and cooking on the same cast iron pan for the last three weeks.

3. Take a bath.

But I have deadlines and obligations. Some of which are very cool. Like…

1. Doing an auctioned item as a fundraiser for La Cocina. I’ve pledged to do an urban farming house-call, followed by a dumpling eating contest. Auction ends August 26!! Click here for details.

2. The Eat Real Festival this weekend where I’ll be peddling produce with Abeni and Nicole Lobue will be serving that produce chopped, cooked, dressed, and anoited. This goes down Saturday, August 28 10:30-5, in Jack London Square where the Borders used to be. Sunday, Abeni and I will be teaching a chicken cull and rooster processing class. Yes, killing and cleaning. Here’s the link to buy a ticket. Three of my oldest girls are going down.

3. Back to work at the Biofuel Oasis, which, since I’ve been gone has acquired bunch of cool new urban homesteading wares like kraut crocks, organic cheese cloth, and cover crop seeds. Of course I’ll spend all the money I make there buying the cool new stuff. I’ll be teaching a goat/cheesemaking class on Sunday, October 17.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. And damn, it’s so hot my tomatoes might just ripen….

10 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. It’s about time! Your blog has missed you.

    Hey- I finally have two (2!) triamble squashes growing off the single plant that germinated from the seeds you sent. I am so excited! They were waaaaaay behind the pumpkins. But, like you, better late than never!

    Welcome back.

  2. We’re going to be at the Eat Real Fest too and I’d love to see the chicken butchery but alas it’s too expensive for the three of us to get tickets.

  3. Yay! Can’t wait to hear about your trip…
    Farm City was reviewed on the Piedmont Biofuel blog here in NC.
    The Comments take a really weird turn, but he loved the book.

    Glad you’re back to distract us from weeding!

  4. hey dog isle;
    you guys can all attend and just do one chicken together and pay $50. it’s better to work as a team anyway.

  5. Interesting…I’ve been buying my cover crop seed from Oasis Food Market, on 30th and Telegraph. They have all sorts of bagged seeds, and seem to focus on species that grow well in dry climates; it was only a couple dollars for all the fenugreek I’ll ever need. They sell them as food, but the germination rate has been OK for me; the main issue is when a variety is adapted to industrial agriculture, rather than backyard methods.

  6. Hey Novella-
    I wish I could make it to your chicken culling class. I have 6 hens that I think I would’ve been glad to donate! Don’t get me wrong…I like having chickens, they’re just more fun when they’re actually producing eggs…

  7. Hey, Novella! You don’t know me, but we’ll be speaking over the phone here pretty soon… I really like your blog, and I really REALLY like your farm, and would love to come visit it some time.

    I’m friends with Hank Shaw, who put me on to your place here.

    As for tomatoes, we’ve had the same issues here in Sacramento, even, if you can believe that. I’ve been eyeballing all those green pear tomatoes, with a mind to just pickle ’em.

  8. I wish I had read this before -I would have loved to come to your chicken culling class. I can’t wait to hear more about the gardens you saw.

  9. love your blog
    It makes me feel like a total slacker.
    I wanna a quit my job and do what your doing.

  10. Skeeter Johnston

    Hello Novella!
    I am a former Oaklander, born and raised. I enjoyed reading about my old stomping grounds of Oaktown and the greater BA in Farm City. Excellent work!
    If you ever have the inkling to travel again (we’re just 1200 miles away), we’d love to see you in Montana and can show you how we go about the urban farm thing here.
    Best wished for a great harvest (I’m just finishing up my peas here) and growth through the winter!

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