The Haps and Remember…

Sorry, no time for a proper blog post. Ginger’s about to kid!! Her udder is all swollen and she’s starting to get that look in her eyes…Should be in the next few days, I’ll keep you posted. Here’s what’s up on the farmlette:

-Ducks are laying eggs and thinking about sitting on them. Making a mess of the place.

-Have too many tomatoes

-Bill’s corn on the side deck was a failure might make a few ears of corn. It really didn’t get enough sun. I think that means we could grow lettuce up there.

-I’m done with LaBrie Farm. Long story, but it ain’t happening. I’ll be moving some of the rabbits to my house and selling the rest in the next few weeks. Let me know if you’d like to buy some gorgeous purebred Californians.

-Going to harvest honey again soon. Like on Halloween! Sweetness.

-Pissed off Moses by not going to a cool Yemeni party (I’m a loser, was confused about the time).

-Doing the PopUp General Store on October 20. Be there! It’s at 47th and MLK, 5-7pm. I’ll have preserved lemons and figs and greens.

-I think Food and Wine is running the story I wrote about going to Kenya. Check out the November issue.

More later.

11 responses to “The Haps and Remember…

  1. woot woot with all the happy happenings! I can’t believe you have too many tomatoes–I have yet to find a red one on my very large leafy tomato plant. 🙂

  2. Christine Gough

    It was in Food and Wine…my issue just arrived. Great article and wonderful pics!

  3. I suspect there is a ton of “between the lines” in this post. Chin up my dear, and remember to take time to center yourself. Best Julie

  4. Novella, cool about the kidding! As for the corn, I couldn’t get mine to get higher than 3 feet this year, in sunny Sacramento – but I think it’s due to the mild Summer. Maybe after this year’s el nino…

  5. Novella – Best of luck with the kidding. My corn also was dismal this summer in the Golden Gate, but we luckily had some tomatoes, lettuces and herbs from seed that did well.

    For your rabbits: How much are they going for ? Babies or full grown? I have some potential 4H related people that might be interested. Thanks!

  6. Corn was pretty dismal here in Oregon, too. Most of my late season stuffed just lodged and then I couldn’t find the ears. When I did, they were way past eating stage, so now I’m saving seed. We’ll just have to see.

    I don’t think gardeners need to go to Vegas to gamble; we seem to do it all the time!

    Congrats on kid- hope ‘she’ comes out okay!

  7. Corn sucked in the the warmer parts of Oakland too. Would love to know the between the lines parts, especially LaBrie. I was so hoping that the partnership would be a good one. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I can’t wait to see the article. I’ll try to make the Pop-Up. Go Ginger!

  8. I’m with Yolanda. I was following the SLZ Urban Farm partnership and am interested in knowing the story of it’s collapse. It sounded so promising.

  9. hey veller, the pop up is at 47th and MLK! see you weds!

  10. Yes, how much for the rabbits, any babies?

  11. How much for a female rabbit or two?

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