Wednesday Pop-Up

Hey there, this Wednesday is the last GT Farm Urban Farmer’s Market of 2010. There will be a handful of vendors selling goodies like honey, eggs, jams and produce. I’ll have bunchs of the famous black curly mustard, rapini, chard; jars of fig jam, and guava goo; and t-shirts for sale. We’re starting early–3pm and only going until 6pm because of the horrid darkness. Hope to see you there.

When: Wednesday, Nov 17. Starts at 3pm-goes to 6pm. I’m going to close the gate at 6 o’clock exactly (it’s pitch black by then) so plan to arrive before 6pm.

Where: Lot next to 665 28th street, at MLK

What: Urban Farmers Market/holiday gift buying/food hoarding for T-day

If you’re an urban farmer and you want to bring stuff to sell, please email me first! novellacarpenter at gmail


One response to “Wednesday Pop-Up

  1. Thanks Novella, it is wonderful what you are doing! I’m excited to be there tomorrow!

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