Sunday Gala: Details

First: tumbler guy: gschalin at comcast dot net

The forecast calls for sun this Sunday, February 27. Good news for my little fundraiser/pop up farm stand/party in the garden. There will be rabbit pot pies for sale, made by Becky Fresh.  There will be bundles of chard and kale and braising mix for sale. There will be chai made from Bebe milk and Ghosttown Honey. There will be nettle tea for those of us who are trying to be healthy, from nettles grown in the garden. There will be Ghosttown T-shirts made from organic American Apparel shirts, printed by Oakland’s own People’s Choice (they come in black with a red logo for girls, and army and yellow for the dudes). There will be (hopefully) goats in the garden so I don’t have to drag everyone into my backyard. And if all goes well tomorrow, a brand spanking new Hen House built by Just Fine Design out of recycled materials (think beautiful pallets). There will be copies of Farm City. We will celebrate near spring and the gifts that nature has given us. Hope you can make it!!

When: Feb 27, 11-2pm

Where: Lot next to 665 28th Street, Oakland

What: A party in the garden

What else: If you drive, park on MLK, not 28th, as it gets crowded.

12 responses to “Sunday Gala: Details

  1. wish i could come. but i teach yoga every sunday morning…two classes…
    don’t get done until 1:30 and then i have to lie down….it’s a church thing…
    i can’t disappoint the faithful…
    i am such a big fan of yours…..would love to get over and see your farm…
    it would have to be on a saturday…work gets in the way of living…
    although i love my work…but a sunday in your garden would be a dream.
    warm regards etc etc. peggy orr

  2. gardengirlfarm

    Hi! Love your personal “farmers market.” Would you be interested in farm fresh chicken duck and or eggs for your sale? We have grown and you are my inspiration. Thanks a bunch: Cassie

  3. Wish I could make it, but I have a mini college reunion that day. Maybe I can sneak by for a minute. I hope you have a great day!!!

  4. Oooooooh, so looking forward to coming over and seeing your place and bringing treats back for Peggy!

  5. i hope you can make something good!

  6. Sunday is birthday party day for the Boy’s classmate, but I will stop by with kid(s) early. Will be good to see the garden in Winter!

  7. Michelle Daher

    Novella, you are definately inspiring little people to be Urban Farmers. My daughter Cassie (12) used to puff up about her brothers going boar hunting with a recurve bow, but now she is a bit obsessed with becoming an urban farmer–and yes, eating her grown food! She even helped her brothers skin (gasp!) a cotton tail last time they were at our friends ranch hunting. Thank you for reaching out to all of us and letting us know that there’s something better than instantaneous gratification. It’s called LIFE and while it may take a little time to figure out, that’s what makes it LIFE . We are not just bystanders and consumers, we are active participants. Now if you could just reach our other five children, we’ll be ever more grateful. Keep up the great work. I hope Cassie can come by this Sunday with her dad. You are her idol.

  8. I live in the central part of Michigan, and am looking out at my little backyard garden burried under about 10-12 inches of snow…. but the old birdhouse on a post in the middle is being visited by the springs future occupants…. and on my front porch I already have some seeds thinking of being in that frosty little plot….

    I also have meat rabbits, just 3 months now, would love to have goats, and chickens, but this tiny little town has regulations against them! If I can afford the 8ft fencing I will try my hand at bees…. something I have always been fascinated with…

    I know your party will go well, and so wish I lived close enough to attend! There is so much I could learn by being there. (I’m a freak in my little rural community… as most of the “city” people who in their financial freedom moved up here to destroy a small towns way of life… in the end results we have 5 vacant stores…. and only 7 left to go…). I try to get my neighbors to plant gardens, to invest into a sustainable life, and at the city council meetings the conversation is about how much money they can get from the state and fed gov….. instead of the community gardens, classes on canning… etc… Sorry for venting-

    Have you ever had your female rabbits pull fur out when they have not been breed? As I said I’m rather new to this, and thought I might ask.

    I really enjoy your blog, and look forward to every new post!

    Thanks for posting —

  9. Wow. Rabbit pot pie. That sounds good. Wish I live a little closer.

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  11. So excited to see your garden and meet you. My boyfriend and I were turned on to your book by one of his co-workers, and I felt like I was reading my own life in the pages. We moved down to the Bay Area, where I am originally from, from Portland, OR last June. We started our garden, composting, worm bin, and planned for chickens, bees and rabbits. Thank you in advance for opening up your space for all of us to come see and share. See you Sunday.

  12. ghosttownfarm

    thanks michelle;
    that’s so cute that cassie’s turning into a lil urban farmer!

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