Urban Farm Tour and more…

It’s the year of the tour. A fellow urban farmer, k ruby from the institute of urban homesteading is doing an urban homestead tour in June; the Bay Friendly garden tour is featuring lots of places with chickens, bees, ducks, and goats on their tour; and the Biofuel Oasis is having our first Urban Farm Tour on Sunday, April 3rd, 9:30-2pm. It’s going to be really fun–the tour group will meet at the Biofuel Oasis then board the biodiesel powered Mexican School Bus for a few hours of urban farming pleasure. We will stop and see a small CSA, a youth run organization, a goat farm, and end at my place to behold my new predator proof chicken coop from heaven. Along the way you’ll get to sample farm produce, ask the farmer questions, and learn about best practices for growing food in the cities. Tickets are limited, $40/each. Sign up here, and I’ll see you on the bus!

Als0–thanks to everyone who came to my Farmstand this Sunday, it was great to meet all you cool people, and we did raise some cash to pay for some of the farm expenses. The next Ghosttown Farm pop up farmstand will be Wednesday, March 23, 4-7pm. Please let me know if you are an urban farmer with produce to sell. I’m looking for urban east bay people who want to sell honey, eggs, fruit, or vegetables. No jams or processed items at this time. Send me an email with your specifics: novellacarpenter at gmail

Happy March!

6 responses to “Urban Farm Tour and more…

  1. Will you please post pictures of your predator-proof chicken coop from heaven, maybe after the tour, for those of us that can’t come to it? We are neck deep in raccoons in my neighborhood- feral cats, too.

  2. ghosttownfarm

    yes!! basically it’s 1/2 inch hardware cloth everywhere–including the floor, and dug into the ground. stapled on the inside so their paws can slowly work off the nails/staples/screws.
    but i’ll post photos…

  3. The Compost Club

    Farm tour sounds fantastic, going to the link now to sign up…

  4. Let me know if you’d like to drop by here with the farm tour. Also, I would love to sell some seedlings and maybe eggs at your farm stand, but will be out of town the week of the 23rd … maybe the following month. Looking forward to seeing your uber coop sometime. We had to do that as well.

  5. Hello Ms. Carpenter,
    Congrats on purchasing your land!! In response to future bldgs, did you see the $200 Barn made from pallets in the Feb/Mar issue of Mary Janes Farm Magazine? Seems a very workable deal for your site. I’ve read your book when first issued and have been greatly inspired. I will try and make the April tour so that I can finally meet you and your ‘City Farm’. Keep up the good work and the blessings will continue!
    David A. Maxwell
    Vacaville, Ca

  6. TonyaLee Maxwell

    Still wish I lived closer, but my dear you just inspired me with an answer to my delima… predators and meat rabbits!

    Just as soon as the weather gets a little warmer (ground breaks up) and I can move a pile of garden friendly manure, I will start on the encasement in the 1′ galvanized netting….

    I so envy your living in CA, I’m starting to plant seeds to get my heirloom produce fit into my growing season. If I could find a buyer for my little lot, I would move to a warmer climate…. really I would! But for now it is sufficient to see my farmer friends in the sunshine, making life work on their terms!

    If you ever have basic classes taught over the net, and would like first hand experience from a “learn as I go” meat rabbit person… I would love to try my and at writing, and helping others get started.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats on owning!

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