Forecast calls for rain

I feel like I’m living in Seattle again. Why won’t the rain stop? I know it’s good for the plants, but in moderation. I looked at the weather report and it looks like this Wednesday, March 23, it will rain. So I’m canceling my Farm Stand scheduled for that day. Plus, I’m getting heat from the police–more on that later. To repeat: March 23 Ghosttown Farm Stand is canceled. Sorry! We’ll try again in April….


12 responses to “Forecast calls for rain

  1. Rain rain and more rain. It’s supposed to rain into the week after next. We’ve got a total swamp here and been working hard to keep all the animals dry. How’s your lot doin’?

  2. Heat from the police! will stay tuned….
    best Julie
    PS our weather up here is BC just straightened out after WEEKS of rain and wind.

  3. Sorry you had to cancel. Oregonian here so I feel for you. Can’t wait to hear about the police:)

  4. Found you via Cold Antler Farm–she posted a great video interview of you! I am extremely interested in urban farming and desperately want to raise my own chickens but my town won’t allow it. Any ideas for how my also-enthusiastic neighbor and I can make it happen legally? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  5. Sorry you are having the rain, might be good to stay in and out of it!

    Some of the reports of the radio active fallout from Japan are worry some, but there is more information at this addy if you are interested.

    How would you approach the “city” about some of the zoneing restrictions? I live in a very small town in the central part of Michigan, and really want some hens, but only rabbits are allowed… much prefer eggs to bunnies (it is so hard to get “attached” to the little darlings, then well you follow what I am saying)

    If I could sell my home for 30,000… would I be able to find a house for similar price in CA with more “yard” and less zoneing? My son is saying we should think of this, as I already ave another son in the SF area.

    Thanks for this wonderful “home page”… no matter how bad my day is, your urban farm makes me smile at what one person can accomplish!


  6. Just finished reading Farm City and looking forward to meeting you in Hayward.


  7. Drats! I am sorry for the cancellation. This rain is making life tough with the animals. With all the mud, chicken lice is wreaking havoc.

  8. The rain and the deluge of seed & farm catalogs have me in a funk too. You got grief from OPD? No! Do tell….

  9. police? are you growing pot again?

  10. What’s the deuce? OPD is hasseling you, for what?!? Hope everything resolves itself without any major problems for you. I lived in Oregon the last 10 years, and I feel like I’m back there, except without all the surliness that I loved so much. Keep us posted!

  11. Still, no one has sited chapter and verse the exact law on the books. I also received a talking two from the same group of folks who referred to a law on the books. That was two years ago and there is still no reference to the law by OMC code number. I’m NOT convinced on this matter just yet.

  12. Also, as a property inspector who works throughout the bay area and all over the City of Oakland, where I have inspected hundreds of homes, I know first-hand for a fact that livestock is kept in all parts of this city. The main difference here is the lack of privacy of the affected lot.

    What about all those chickens on Mandela Parkway?

    Dog poop – non-compostable.

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