Spring Events

Howdy and happy spring. Did you know it’s really not just spring, but halfway thru spring? Either way, the winds knocked over my pea trellises, and the rain has beaten up my fava beans. The ducks and chickens are destroying my carefully made beds. Nature is against me! But I can’t complain, this rain means more salad mix, plumper radishes, better germination for my carrots–I hope.

So, sorry about the canceled farm stand. I want to schedule another one but it’s getting crazy around here. Here’s where I’ll be in the next few days and weeks:

March 26 Hayward Main Library, 2pm. Hayward chose Farm City as their community read!

March 28 Salt Lake City, Westminster College, 7pm public talk

March 31 Alameda Public Library, 7pm. Alameda chose Farm City as their community read!

April 1 San Francisco’s Booksmith, 1644 Haight Street 6:30pm. I’ll be there doing the Bookswap! Buy tickets here. I’ll be dressed as a donkey.

April 3, Urban Farm Tour, Biofuel Oasis 9:30-2pm. I’ll be guiding the tour with Serena Barlett, to buy tickets, go here.

April 6, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo 5pm-7pm. Farm City is Cuesta’s book of the year! Woot!

April 7, SLO, Steynberg Gallery, 11-1:30pm.

April 13, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, 7pm

April 17, Teaching Raising Chickens class at the Biofuel Oasis, 2pm-5pm.

April 19, Minnesota, M State-Moorhead, 4pm free public lecture

April 28, Seattle, Washington Hall, part of the Essential Arts Art and Agriculture program, 7pm

May 14 Hayward Ochoa Garden. Remember how Farm City was chosen as Hayward’s community read? The librarians and Hayward Public schools are working together to do a garden work day on May 14, 10am-1pm. I’ll be there, hoe-ing.

See ya!

8 responses to “Spring Events

  1. Slow down girl!
    (love who you are and what you’re doing but gosh ….can you manage it all?)

  2. Wow! You’re super busy! It looks like you’ll be out of town for our April 30th potluck. You’ll be missed!

  3. I thought you were going to tell us about your run-in with the man…..

  4. Novella, I have enjoyed following your urban farming adventures/misadventures online. I can relate as a fellow gardener. Many of us share a love of the land. I am fortunate to live in a rural area where we make a living from farming. I have lived in the city and understand how important it is to enlighten urban folks to the benefits of raising your own food and being responsible for the environment that we live in. I understand the compromise of being a landowner and keeping your integrity. Keep the faith.

  5. pleasantonlibrarybookclub

    Novella, the Pleasanton Library Book club will be reading and discussing your book in April.

  6. Come to Philadelphia! We need you! Our urban farm movement is growing, and we could use your expertise.

  7. pleasantonlibrarybookclub

    Corecction. We are reading your book in May.

  8. Novella, I’m going to miss you in Seattle because I’m moving to a farm this weekend and won’t be able to come to town on a Thursday. I’m so bummed! I read your book about a year ago and I’ve been waiting for you to speak here since. I hope those Alleycat Acres folks treat you right – they’re rumored to be super nice. Good luck with all the bureaucratic nonsense. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been made an example of.

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