Announcing…The Essential Urban Farmer

Three years ago, bad-ass urban farmer Willow Rosenthal and I were complaining about email. It takes up so much of our time! Questions sent asking about how we plant, harvest, muck, milk, etc were delaying us from planting, harvesting, mucking, and milking. What to do? Write a book of course.

Here she blows, at over 500 pages, it took us the full three years to write the beast.

We are thrilled with the results, and we hope you will be too.

To promote the Essential Urban Farmers we will be at the following places, more to come, and details to be announced:

-February 29, 18 Reasons, San Francisco. Talk at the Women’s Building, exploring the possibilities of urban farming, followed by a dinner discussion at 18 Reasons, to buy tickets for the dinner, click here. The talk will be general admission.
-March 10, Biofuel Oasis, Berkeley
-March 15 or 29, Ecology Center, Berkeley
-April 21, Market Hall Oakland
-June 2, Sunset Garden Expo

See you there, I’ll be there with babe in arms!

26 responses to “Announcing…The Essential Urban Farmer

  1. Got the book and love every page. So informative and helpful, especially the urban farming section.

  2. Jennifer M. Hall

    hot diggity!

  3. The book is great! Congratulations! Lots of great information and ideas – even for someone on a very small scale.

  4. Congratulations! On both the book and the baby. I know you’re busy, but this is a question perhaps the book doesn’t answer. What was the name of the company that you ordered your Camellia Sinensis plants from? If you’ve got time, I would love to know. Thanks bunches.

  5. Ooh! I’m really excited for this book. I’ve been hoping and waiting you would write another book.

  6. I just ordered the book. Can’t wait to read it. Also, what did you name your daughter?

  7. reading it now! great guide, thank you for sharing your knowledge ladies!

  8. novella, it’s sitting on my desk waiting for me to take a finished product thanks – i’ll try to give it some promotion via my blog soon – uber busy right now though.

  9. I ordered it the first day it came out! I love it! Much more detailed than any other Urban Farming book I have read yet.

  10. Novella, Can’t wait to read it! I look forward to more off-kilter, Farm City humor.

  11. come to Toledo or Detroit and bring the baby. And lots of books to sign and sell!

  12. MotherLodeBeth

    Noticed in today SF Chronicle they have a re print of their Western innovation: 20 towns of the future with Oakland and YOU being shown as one of the 20 towns to pay attention to. ‘Oakland: Urban farming: San Francisco’s scruffy neighbor to the east quietly cultivated a food revolution with urban farming, DIY classes, meat CSAs, and a foraging movement to take full advantage of all that backyard fruit. Local hero Novella Carpenter has her Ghost Town Farm, and residents fill classes in beekeeping and backyard chicken-keeping with the Institute of Urban Homesteading.’

  13. Yay! A new Novella book!! I just ordered it.

  14. I was just referred to your blog today! Yay! It’s wonderful! Looking forward to reading more! And to checking out your new Novella!

  15. Congratulations on you new book (not to mention baby) Novella! I’ve been loving your blog for years and you’re still one of my heros! You’re Oakland’s own Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall!

  16. Great! We’ll be checking it out as we venture into our first “official” year of backyard farming.

  17. ordered my book today. Can’t wait til it gets here!

  18. Awesome. I’m ordering book. Here is a community-powered blog I run about urban farming. If anyone is interested in becoming a blogger, email me!

  19. I just re-read Farm City, in anticipation of getting my garden going here in NJ. I checked in here, which I’ve never done before and lo & behold, a new book! I got it immediately for my kindle and I am loving it. Great Job Novella & Willow!

  20. I literally just bought this book a few hours ago, and boy howdy am I glad I did! I’m eating up every page. PS. I also just re-read farm city for the third time. Nice work, Novella!

  21. Whoa!! Just got this book (from Powell’s online) and am reading it while nursing a head cold. Excellent resource. It’ll go on the shelf next to John Jeavons and Thomas Jefferson. Yes, feel honored. Thanks!

  22. I bought the book. Congratulations, this is a terrific resource. Any chance you will be coming to the East Coast?

  23. I bought it, too, and gave you a little plug at the Little Pickle Press blog in tandem with their March locavore theme. FYI. We’d love it if you dropped by and left a comment. Thanks and congratulations on the new arrival!

  24. Hello from Canada! I ordered this through Amazon the day it was released and have loved it to bits! I’ve even used your instructions for offing, plucking, cleaning and brine-ing a 4 month old cockerel that someone here had in their backyard flock (the perils of hatching your own)! He was delicious, really surprisingly so -I’d had farm chickens before but never were they this tender. I’m getting my own backyard flock in a month or so, I’m sure I’ll be using the book a lot more. (Especially if I can talk my husband into rabbits the following year…lol)

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