Upcoming Events and Farm Tour

Well hello! Thanks for everyone who came out to Willow and my first live demonstration promoting the Essential Urban Farmer. We showed people how to build this sub-irrigation planter with repurposed plastic buckets.

the white pvc pipe connects to the water reservoir below. I can’t wait to grow a tomato plant in it this summer.

We will be doing another talk on UCBerkeley’s campus this Monday, March 19 at Barrows Hall, 6:30pm. We’ll do a powerpoint presentation, there might be silk screening of aprons!

Next, March 24, I’ll be tabling at what sounds like an amazing conference, called the Economics of Happiness.

Then, April 1, it’s open farm day!!! I’ll be selling greens, t-shirts, and copies of the Essential Urban Farmer. Come on by! 11am-2pm. Corner of MLK and 28th street.

7 responses to “Upcoming Events and Farm Tour

  1. Bought your book. Honestly I am afraid to open it–information overload. I do wish it had more pictures but I understand it had to make the best use of space. Really excited if a little overwhelmed.

  2. cheryl andersen

    how can I get a copy of your new book??? Could I buy it directly from you and have it mailed to me? I do not get up to Berkley very often! thanks

  3. Thanks for continuing with the open farm events Novella, I am so excited because this is the first one I can attend! Also, thanks for providing the link to your sister’s flickr pictures, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks looking at them and learning a lot. You are two inspiring women!

  4. BioFuel Oasis Cooperative

    We are visiting Ghost Town farm and 3 other impressive urban farms on an URBAN FARM TOUR on April 1st. It stats at 9:30 am at the Oasis– you need to sign up in advance, here: http://www.biofueloasis.com/workshops#urban_farm_class
    We look forward to bringing everyone by Novella!

  5. How about a schematic on your SIP? I’d like to build some. Are the how-to’s in your book?

  6. Missed your April 1 April Fool’s day sale.
    My teen and I listened to Farm City (audiobook). He enjoyed every minute of it and was disappointed when it was over. I want bees and he wants ducks. Look forward to attending one of your upcoming events and a tour of your farm.

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