Urban Farm Garage Sale April 1

Wellies, bee observation box, rabbit cages, metal nesting boxes.

That’s a little sampling of the items I’ll be selling at tomorrow’s farm stand. I’ll also have greens, tshirts, and books for sale. The storm is supposed to blow over by Sunday.

What: Ghosttown Farmstand
When: April 1, 12-2
Where: corner of 28th street and MLK, Oakland
What else: if you drive, park on MLK not 28th street

2 responses to “Urban Farm Garage Sale April 1

  1. @Novella! Yay! I am flying into town for a week, but will *just* miss your garage sale. I want a Ghost Town Farm tshirt! Okay, enough exclamation marks for now. Hope you have a great day tomorrow. 🙂

  2. hej novella…sorry for my bad english…i come from sweden and your book is great…you do the right things…and i hope more and more people do this…nothing and nowbody is perfect….but willingness to learn every day..learn from the natueral…thats great…good lock for the future and greats from northern sweden

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