So much love

Bringing a baby into the world makes you realize how important your community is. For company on those long days of breastfeeding, for homemade meals when you feel like boiling water for tea is nearly impossible, for gifts that remind you that this is a good world.

We’ve had several visitors every day since our daughter, Francis Cabell Amanita Jacobs, was born, including Moses from Brothers Market–his wife made this amazing Yemeni bread; Francis the metal collector; dear friends bearing meals of soup and brisket, shepherds pie, beer, arepas. Thanks guys!!

One of my favorite gifts came from Sadie and Emma, two talented potters.They made these drinking cups–one for Francis, Billy, Novella, and Friend. So cute.

Cheers to hand-made pottery and good friends. And Happy Spring!!

6 responses to “So much love

  1. I love the drinking cups, especially the “friend” cup.

  2. happy spring, novella and family.

  3. looking forward to getting to use the friend cup. don’t break it before i get back.

  4. Congrats to all of you! A fine family becomes even moreso…

  5. Aaww, Novella…. I can almost hear her gentle ‘smch, smch, smch… ‘ 🙂

  6. Just awesome. I know you aren’t blogging much these days , but I sure do look forward to your posts! Glad your family is doing well.

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