Darlings, Open Day

So I’m a dumb-ass. Forgot that we are going to Florida, flying on the 14th, for Bill’s dad’s 86th birthday! See you on February 21. Sorry sorry sorry.

Big news: I’m pretty much finished writing my new memoir, Gone Feral. More on that in later posts.

This means the following:
1. more blog posts, more regularly
2. more gardening, more regularly
3. an open day at GT Farm! specifically, Thursdays, 3-5pm

Two visitors from afar came by today, and while we were pulling weeds in the parking strip, chatting about life and farming, I had an idea: maybe other people would think that is fun too. So, starting on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, Feb 14, I’m going to open up the farm for work days. If you live in the area–Ben!–come on over. I will put you to work.

1. water to drink
2. gloves

A warning: the garden really is trashed. I’m getting it back into shape, but it’s taking awhile. Also, animal lovers: I have no animals, except bees. Dial back the expectations, and you’ll have fun.

See you on V-D (which, btw, I hate as a holiday. Why do lovers need a special day?)–and every Thursday, 3-5pm.

9 responses to “Darlings, Open Day

  1. Yah, I don’t like V. Day, either. And am currently working a 9-6 gig during the week, so can’t come by to help. But I AM looking forward to your new book! And will probably pony up and buy it in hardback. ‘Cause even if you used to raise rabbits for food (poooH!), your writing totally rocks.

  2. You are back!! Cannot wait for the new book, wish I could hang out at GT Farms, but alas, time and space prevents such things. Missed you big time on the blog, be well.

  3. Being 450 miles down the coast, I doubt I will have a chance to pop in on a Thursday for a visit or lend a hand, but I will continue to check in on your blog updates. I look forward to reading more posts and your next book.

    One of the things I really like about your writing is you write about both the good and bad of being a gardener and urban farmer. I hope you share photos of the process of getting the neglected garden back into shape, not just the pretty finished or peak season garden photos.

  4. I haven’t looked at your blog in a while—not since that big “debacle” and I was so sad when you stopped posting. You sprang into my brain tonight and I am THRILLED to find that you’re back!

  5. Yay! I’ve missed your posts too. Wish I was close enough to work on your farm, but I’m trying to build my own instead, following your lead. I’m looking forward to the new book – let us know when it’s order-able.

  6. Hi Novella, I wish I could come – sadly a little too far from Melbourne! I read your first book a couple of years ago and loved it. Can’t wait to read the next one! Hope the fence tagging worked.

  7. I plan on showing up next Thursday! Do you happen to have an extra pair of gloves I could use? I will rent them in exchange for some seeds… Seriously, i have 6 varieties of lettuce, 4 tomatoes, 2 hot peppers, and 1 purple tomatillo. All from Seed Savers. Consider taking my seeds as a favor, I only have a medium sized porch and the seeds will just go to waste. Safe travels!

  8. kasey: yes, i have a couple extra pairs of gloves. see you soon!

  9. Looking forward to the new book. Farm City inspired one of my sermon illustrations. . . http://formandpower.blogspot.com/2013/03/positive-psychology-and-methodist.html

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