First Zucchini of the Year

Aren’t they gorgeous little things?

I actually don’t love eating zucchini, but of course I planted two bushes, forgetting what prolific little buggers they are. Summer squash always remind me of those warm, light-filled days, when the living is easy, and you can just go out to the garden to harvest whatever you need for dinner. Love that. My sister was here and made an amazing chard fresh pasta and put the first of the zukes plus their flowers over the pasta. Yum.

So, workday is on for today, May 2. 3-5pm, 663 28th street, oakland. It’s going to be very hot, so bring water. I think we will be transplanting strawberries and weeding. See ya! Payment will be in greens, salad mix, and my eternal gratitude.

8 responses to “First Zucchini of the Year

  1. Those do look lovely and wow they are early! I am the only one in my family that really likes zucchini so it doesn’t always get planted every year in my garden. Seeing yours reminds I need to plant some this year. Hopefully its not too late.

  2. I’ve been told that these guys:
    are tastier than regular Zucs. Also purported to be the only one for dehydrating. I can verify none of this personally… yet but am growing them this year in hopes that all this is true

  3. Wow, when did you plant?!

  4. Cally Brown

    With our crazy world weather patterns, I am still picking zucchini here in the North Island of New Zealand – but I have to admit that after 4months I’m kinda sick of them, so mostly they just sit in the frigde till they go off now. I do love reading northern hemisphere blogs because they remind me of garden times to come 🙂

  5. So fresh and yummy looking! I cut back to just four bushes of cocozelle this year. They are striped kinda like costata.

  6. This is how you learn to love zucchini: cut the young zucchini into thumb-size sticks. Toss in a fairly smoking hot frying pan with roughly a tablespoon of oil in it. Cook the exterior of the zukes quickly on high heat until it’s crunchy golden brown. Plate it and sprinkle it with just garlic salt.

  7. Jennifer Fisk

    I’m jealous. I haven’t even tilled my garden yet or started squash seedlings.

  8. ghosttownfarm

    let’s see, i think i planted the zuchini on march 1st ish….

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