Yes Today

Yup workday today, 3-5pm at 663 28th street.
It will be a lettuce pulling massacre, and greens harvest day. Might fire up the outdoor stove and make kale chips.

2 responses to “Yes Today

  1. How do u make kale chips? I am looking for a way to decrease the amount of oil with mine.

  2. ghosttownfarm

    hi karen;
    to make the kale/mustard green chips i tossed them with olive oil and baked them on a low oven–250? My understanding is that if you don’t use enough oil the greens will be kind of powdery and too flaky. But i know what you mean–it seemed like a lot of oil for such a small amount of chips in the end. I’ve heard a dehydrator works well to make kale chips and maybe it doesn’t require as much oil? Good luck!

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